Prime Axiom: A Colossal Project Log


Over the long weekend I took the opportunity to put together a very special model, The Prime Axiom.  This behemoth is going to be great fun to bust out this weekend at Gamescape, where we're having a belated Gargantuan release party for Hordes. Opening up the kit, I noticed that this is quite unlike the large-scale kits that I'm used to.  Instead of having hundreds of small plastic components that you glue together to make a massive warmachine (a la 40k), you actually have only a few more pieces than your standard Warjack (or Vector as the case may be).


First I started with the legs, since they seemed the easiest to build.  everything fit OKAY, but nothing really fit perfectly.  The joints that PP uses on their models are generally a form of a socket, but the casting rounds them out and makes them fit awkwardly.  This is probably due to using rubber molds instead of the steel ones you get from plastic miniatures.  Overall though, the legs went together just fine, nothing really needing pinning since the connection spots were so large.


After building the legs, it was on to the torso, which was pretty straight forward and only a few pieces, mostly pewter details.


A quick test shot of the torso on the legs revealed that this truely was a Colossal miniature...


The arms were significantly more challenging to build.  while the fingers fit into place nicely, the connection to the pewter upper arm didn't fit nearly as nice as the rest of the miniature, and the weight of the forearm meant that I did need a sizable pin for stability.  Additionally, the shoulder mounts into an awkward position going inward towards the bottom, which stops the harpoons from being perfect right angles to the ground which kind of bugs me, but I didn't realize it until it was too late.  In my second Prime Axiom I will be figuring out a way to fix this, and I may even rip off this guys arms to set them straight.


The second arm in place is where I really noticed the flaw in the shoulder I just mentioned, but all together, this model is quite massive, as you can see.


The finished product is quite an impressive miniature, very large and dense.  Most things fit together good enough, but the shoulders are really going to bother me (and they bug me more and more as I type this).  Overall I'd say the kit isn't bad and goes together very quickly compared to 40k Super Heavies, though I think I still prefer the standard plastic kits from GW for miniatures this large only because of how well engineered they are.  That said, this wont stop me from buying more Colossi in the future!