Escalation: Ban the Least to Gain the Most


It seems the tides have settled down a bit, probably just until the next book is released.  So what can we learn from all the players out there who have complained so loudly about Escalation?  Really, what we learned is that some sort of compromise is going to have to be made.

Destroyers vs Revenant/Warhound

Really, when most people have made arguments against Destroyer weapons they point at one or two models, specifically the Revenant and the Warhound.  Nobody is really complaining about the Shadowsword, or the Stompa, but instead, people are just really upset about these two, and I totally understand why, they each have 4 Destroyer shots per turn, at a much lower cost per shot, than any other Destroyer weapon in the game.

The question is though, how do we fix that?  Do we change Destroyer entirely?  That seems pretty drastic, and it punishes units which really aren't that bad to deal with.  Is there an easier solution?  Sure!  Just ban them.

Now, you know that I hate banning things, I think it's an unimaginative solution, but it may be a drastic enough change to get some people's attention.  And I don't mean outright ban the Revenant or the Warhound, I just mean ban them from taking Pulsars and Turbo-lasers.  People can still play with their toys, most people magnetize the warhound weapons anyhow, but now people wont be firing 4 destroyer shots a turn.  The next best thing will be the Vampire Hunter and the Scorpion with their single twin-linked Pulsars, which will still be punishing, but far less than 4 shots a turn from the Warhound or Revenant.

Do you think that would be enough to otherwise allow Escalation in normal events?