Massive Eldar Project Log


The Games Workshop hobby is multi-faceted.  Some people like to play, others paint, others still enjoy reading the lore or making army lists.  While I enjoy all aspects of the hobby, I enjoy the collecting aspect more than anything.  I pride myself on amassing collections of armies that are strong enough to stand the test of time from edition to edition and codex to codex. I wrote an article a while back on how I had been amassing Eldar over the years in preparation for the new Codex.  I bought armies when Eldar were unpopular and stockpiled mini's until the new Codex dropped.  After seeing the new Codex I was able to evaluate what I wanted to keep and what I could sell.  I followed the time tested standard of buy low (when the Codex was unpopular) and sell high (when the Codex first dropped and almost instantly became the most popular army again).  This allowed me to assemble quite a large army while only spending a fraction of the retail cost - of course the hidden cost is the time I spent negotiating on forums, fixing up old junky models, and re-listing them on eBay.  But hey, this is a hobby and the buying and selling of armies is part of it for me.

Now I have the task to actually PAINT this massive collection - after all, what good is a collection of models if they are bare metal, primed, or worse (random paint schemes from purchasing dozens of different army lots).  I'm starting this project log to try to keep myself on track and share my progress.

Stage 1: Get a competitive army painted to a 3 color standard. Prime black, airbrush turquoise and jade green.  Pretty easy right?  I already did this for the Golden Throne GT where I maxed out on vehicles (see 5 Warp Hunters), but now it's time to focus on a more balanced list with more infantry models.  I have noticed a trend of units I include in my list so that's what I'm going to focus on first.

Here's my to-do list by January:

-20 Warp Spiders

-7 Dark Reapers

-6 Jetbikes

-5 Rangers

-2 Farseers

-2 Warlocks

-Farseer on Jetbike

-Autarch on Jetbike

-2 Wraithknights

After that I will move into Stage 2 which focuses on getting the rest of the army assembled, primed and painted to a 3-color standard.  I will break down Stage 2 by Force Organization - getting all of my units for a given slot painted before I move on to the next one.  Below are some pictures of the army as it stands, and a living tally of what I have.

photo 3

photo 1

photo 2


1 Avatar
1 Baharroth
1 Fuegan
1 Jain Zar
1 Asurmen
1 Maugen Ra
1 Yriel
1 Eldrad
1 Illic
1 Spiritseer
1 Autarch (generic)
1 Autarch on Bike (Mantle of Laughing God)
2 Farseer on Bike
10 Warlocks with Witchblades
8 Warlocks with Singing Spears
11 Farseers (1 with Singing Spear)
2 Wraithseer (1 assembled, 1 unassembled) *Need large base


24 Jetbikes (2 Cannons) *Need 4 more cannons and 19 small flying bases
69 Dire Avengers (9 Exarchs)
40 Storm Guardians (8 fusion / flamers) *Need to distinguish power swords in painting
30 Rangers / Pathfinders
100 Guardians (8 Weapons Platforms – 4 Bright Lance, 3 Scatter, 1 Shuriken)
50 Wraithguard / Wraithblades (unassembled, 30 metal need bases)
9 Wave Serpents


21 Howling Banshees (2 Exarchs)
36 Fire Dragons (6 Exarchs with Firepikes)
47 Harlequins (4 Death Jesters, 1 Troupe Master, 3 Shadowseers)
34 Striking Scorpions (5 Exarchs – 3 Chainsabres, 2 Fists)


33 Warp Spiders (3 Exarchs)
11 Swooping Hawks (1 Exarch)
3 Crimson Hunters (unassembled)
3 Nightwings
9 Vypers


20 Dark Reapers (4 Exarchs)
9 Vaal Support Weapons (3 of each)
9 War Walkers
3 Wraithlords (1 unassembled)
3 Wraithknights (unassembled)
5 Warp Hunters
3 Falcons
3 Night Spinners
3 Fire Prism
3 Lynx (unassembled)


584 Infantry
24 Light Vehicles (AV10)
23 Vehicles (AV12)
9 Monstrous Creatures
3 Super Heavy Vehicles


10 Warlocks on Jetbikes
9 Shining Spears
6 Hornets