Aquarium Stores: The Untapped Warhammer Terrain Resource

Everyone wants a good looking battle field, but lets be honest, they don't usually come cheap, also, it takes a lot of time to build and paint terrain.  There must be a better way! Well my friends, good news! Aquarium terrain has been a long held secret of mine, and a key to success when trying to make amazing looking battlefields on the cheap.  This was basically how 100% of my game boards looked in college, but I totally forgot about it until now.  One of the best parts about Aquarium Terrain, is the fact that they actually build them with themes in mind.  You don't need to scramble and try to find ways to reuse the exact same components over and over, as you tend to do when buying GW's terrain, instead you can select from a huge variety to fit your theme.

Here are a few of the choice examples I found which feel right at home on a 40k/fantasy board:

They're mostly made out of thick resin or plastic and are fairly durable and repairable in my experience.  I'd definitely suggest this to anyone trying to get a board together, if you want to make them a bit more durable and fill in the holes where models fall through, then you can fill them up easily with expanding insulation foam.  Lastly, all these things are pre-painted, so you can be really lazy and not do a damn thing!

I found a lot more stuff and just decided it would be easier to make an Amazon Wishlist.