Blood Angels 1750 counter meta list


Good day to all fellow internet explores and spelunkers! Michael here to talk Blood Angels, specifically a list I'd like to build and play at some tournaments this year. Now I've got a general build I've been running lately and its not bad, but it's not great either. Thinking back on most of my games the biggest thorn in my side has been high toughness models and Helldrakes. Though I think it's tough to tackle both those types of units( an OP flyer and big scary dudes/monsters) I think Blood Angels can potentially do the job, but it won't be an easy task.

So onto the list:




Assault Squad A

melta gun

Razorback with assault cannon

Assault Squad B

melta gun

Razorback with assault cannon

Assault Squad C


Razorback with assault cannon

Assault Squad D


Razorback with assault cannon


two naked priests

two Furioso Dreadnoughts with frag cannons, heavy flamers and in drop pods


Predator with auto cannon and lascannons

Predator with auto cannon and lascannons

Predator with auto cannon and heavy bolters

This list only comes out at 1560 so there is 190 points left to spare.  At this point, the list could go two different directions. So here are the ideas I'm bouncing around:

1.An additional drop pod unit( I'm leaning towards deathstorm drop pods)

2.Air defense missile defense platforms( I can squeeze in 5 I believe)

3.More troops, some infiltrating scouts or another assault squad in razorback.

4. Dropping the single librarian for mephiston and using the remaining 40 pts on war gear.

5. An additional librarian( I could also squeeze in some sniper scouts with the librarian)

As the list currently stands, I see it being able to handle high toughness models and vehicles well due to the amount of rending shots( that also happen to be twin  linked). Additionally, I have great striking capability against pesky backfield units via the fragcannon furiosos with heavy flamers. If I take an additional drop pod unit, I can bring both the furioso's in on turn 1. That is a whole lotta killy, killy in your face on turn one. The frag cannon's fire twice, are strength 6 and are rending template weapons( tear drop), plus I tossed on a heavy flamer for extra template goodness. These guys will vaporize just about any bog standard infantry unit and give MEQ a real headache.


Plus this dude looks great!

The rest of the list speaks for itself, the preds provide turn one dakka and the priests buff my marines. I'm not quite sure about powers for the Librarian. I think BRB powers would be good, but blood lance and sanguine shield would also be good powers to select. However, with the way psychic powers work these days I can just adjust according to what army I'm facing.

So right now, I'm leaning towards some more drop pods due to the furioso's. However, I'd really appreciate some input so comment away interwebs!

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