Black Legion: Chosen WIP

In case you couldn't tell, this week I've really been focusing heavily on my Black Legion.  They came out with a new supplement, as well as the IA: Apocalypse book, so I've had black on the mind.  I've always liked Chosen, despite them being fairly awful, so I've decided to convert up a couple squads.  Knowing well in advance that Chosen with Power Weapons cost more than a Terminator, I've decided that running them with a boat load of special weapons is probably a more playable solution. First up, my Desecrators, equipped with 5 Meltaguns and a bad attitude:

And now my second squad of chosen, The Arsonists, with 5 Flamers and Mark of Khorne.  I had originally intended to give the champion a Lightning Claw, but the rule of cool won out and he's got a Khornate axe instead.

Now that I've got 2 squads out of the way, I'm debating on how to make my 3rd and 4th units... Any suggestions?

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