Chaos Marines: Preparing for the Apocalypse

With the Apocalypse book out, I'm busy cranking away on the kits I have on my shelf that need to be built... which is a ton.  Giving my girlfriend the clippers and xacto, I took the parts she cut and built up a Predator, Chaos Lord, and 4 of my 5 Chaos Terminators for Abaddon's Retinue (which will double as the Lords of the Black Crusade).

Now I've just gotta build my 5th terminator, 2 Predators, my 6th Helbrute, 10 Khorne Chosen, 2 Plague Drones, a Storm Eagle, 5 Khorne Terminators, Lord Zhufor, 2 Mutilators and 5 more Havocs... Not to mention quite a bit more that I'll be acquiring shortly... It's rough being a Warmaster!

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