What the Hell...brute


So if you're like me, you've noticed that Hellbrutes are INSANELY CHEAP on ebay. Being the sucker that I am, I decided to order up 3 more of these lovely models, putting me up to 6 in total. That means, I have 6 of the worst units in the whole damn Chaos codex.  So that begs the question, how the hell do I equip these suckers? I have 3 main ideas in mind, but I'm not sure if any of them are any good, or if I'm just stupid.

Multi-melta + Power Fist

The cheap, naked version of the Hellbrute.  For 100 points, we're talking a moving multi-melta, that can punch a bit in combat.  Not super powerful for range or melee, but not really lacking either.  The upside of this configuration is that it comes this way out of the box and looks pretty good too.

Reaper Autocannon + Power Scourge

For a while, this was my favorite way to go.  For a minimal investment of 115 points, you get a Hellbrute that is a bit more useful at range, and slightly better in combat.  It wont be busting open any tanks, but it could pop a transport and hold up the gooey bits inside a while.

Plasma Cannon + Missile Launcher

At 120 points, this is probably the most I'd be willing to spend on a Hellbrute, but overall, it might still be alright.  A Plasma Cannon and Missile Launcher can put some hurt on infantry, while also cracking open light transports, though it has no melee presence at all.  This really makes me miss the Havoc Missile Launcher though, having 3 blasts would just be too fun.

Really, I guess I could just go 2 of each, but where's the spamming fun in that!