Shut up and Take My Money: Kickstarter and Fortifications Edition


So it has come to my attention that some of you are not backing the awesome Tablescapes Kickstarter by Secret Weapon.  Before I go any further, I want to say that I have no connection with them, I just think their shit is cool.  They are producing a set of modular game boards cast in plastic, like the GW Realm of Battle board, except that these are both much cheaper and much cooler! If you haven't seen them yet, this should give you a good idea what I'm talking about:


That's just a 2x2 board, but gives you an idea.  They're also making a Urban Streets board (both damaged and clean), as well as a Rolling Fields for all the fantasy players out there.  Seriously, check them out, you only have a couple days before the Kickstarter campaign is over!  Personally, I've backed them at the Double Mini-wargamer level, meaning I'll have two sweet boards!

Another sweet Kickstarter I've recently supported is called Deadzone.  This is a skirmish scale game, with board game-like rules.  The miniatures are pretty fantastic, and the price is super reasonable ($150 gets you all 4 factions, tons of add ons, a game mat and plenty of scenery).

881d03358bfa1a6c9c2330746a5fce76_largeAlso, if you're really crazy, the Secret Weapon Kickstarter has a Deadzone board!

Lastly today, I want to show all the Xenos players that somebody out there loves them.  Mr. Dandy, aka Wargamma, has been hard at work making a set of fortifications that just so happen to be perfect for most of the non-imperial forces in 40k.

4821821-22529380-thumbnail 4821821-22529381-thumbnail

There you have it, no excuses!  Now you can have an awesome looking board, a sweet new game to play on it, as well as some awesome fortifications so that those Tau players can stop looting Aegis Defense Lines.