Chris's Ogres at Scarab Con 2013, WHFB Tournament

Well it has been a very very long time since I last posted.  Alot has been happening in my life and Wargaming took a backseat to it but now I am back to modeling painting and going to events. So recently I attended the Warhammer Fantasy tournament at Scarab. SCARAB stands for: South Carolina Area Role-players and Board-gamers.  They run many different events and this year I want to focus more on WHFB.  The event was 2000 points 5 rounds over 2 days.   I got out my Ogre Kingdoms and made my way down to toss some dice around.

Slaughtermaster: Fencers Blades, Glittering Scales, Crown of Command, Level 4, Lore of the Great maw

Bruiser: Deathcheater, Battle Standard Bearer, Runemaw, heavy armour, ironfist Firebelly: Dispel Scroll, Level 1, Lire of Fire, great weapon

15 Ironguts: full command, Standard of Discipline

4 Mournfang Cavalry: full command, Dragonhide Banner 1 Sabretusk

Ironblaster Cannon

Total: 2,000


Game 1: Battleline vs Ogre Kingdoms

He had a alot of characters and his lvl 4 butcher had lore of heavens.  We set up and started to fire our cannons with 0 success.  Once in combat there was lots of belly rubbing and ogre bashing but in the end my gutstar was still standing.  Kinda...

Ogres win 20-0

Game 2: Blood and Glory vs Warriors of Chaos

Now his full army had halberds which scared me to death.  But anyways we started the game he began smashing me with the hellcannon and I ran forward as fast as I could.  I managed to get a long charge off with my mournfang and gutstar which kinda saved me from the cannon but on turn 4 or 5? the cannon misfired and made all casters take a mis cast and he had the infernal puppet. YAY!!!! Thank god im an ogre and can take those silly str 10 hits and keep on going.  So in the end after 4 rounds of combat my gutstar was able to kill 10 chosen....Not the best game haha

Ogres win 11-9

Game 3: Meeting Engagement vs High Elves

This is the most beautiful High elf army I have ever seen.  So this game for whatever reason I didn't rush forward like a mad man.  I held back didnt charge ANYTHING and did flee moves from 10 swordmasters with my mournfangs off the table.  Basically I played like a little school girl and disgraced all ogre players and shamed myself.   The game its self was rather boring I got shot at alot and danced around.

Ogres lost 8-12

So at the end of Day 1 I am at 39 battle points and not at the top of the players but high mid ranged I guess you could say.  So a group of guys all head out to get some food and drinks and talk about the day.  All good fun and had a great first day gaming.

Game 4: Dawn attack vs Bretonnians

Now this armies theme was unique, beach landing knights haha  But anyways we started nd I vowed to now play so passive and rushed forward as fast as I could.  Well his men at arms got targeted and ran like little girls....Little girls that got away and won the game.  Jerks!! haha  So my Iron Blaster ran off 2 units of Pegasuses knights which was nice!  But in the end I couldn't kill enough.

Ogres lost 8-12

Game 5: Battlelines vs Tomb Kings

Against this army I was pretty scared.  He was using a lvl 5 lore of death mage and had purple sun and lots of ways to make my pretty gut star run like girls.  My plan was to rush forward and kill that mage.  So first turn I shot my cannon and kill his Warsphinx.  His first magic phase was a bust as my runemaw saved my big fat butt.  By turn 3 I was in combat and all but crushed his army.  At this point his army crumbles away and I felt rather bad cause he was pretty bummed out but as I found out everyones last game was not set in stone.

Ogres won 20-0

So in the end I won Best general but this was the final break down after paint and sports scores.  Great even can't wait for next year!

  1. Robert Ash wood elves
  2. Jerry Parsley Bretonnians
  3. Ben Mitchell high elves
  4. Ben Tuite wood elves
  5. Robert Brandon high elves
  6. Chris Gage Ogre Kingdoms
  7. James Spires lizardmen
  8. Chad Hoggan beastmen
  9. Jeff Haladay tomb kings
  10. Paul Loester vampire counts
  11. Luther Lown high elves
  12. Ira Knight warriors of chaos
  13. James Bridges Empire
  14. Thomas Geater ogre kingdoms
  15. Jim Chadwick chaos dwarfs
  16. Simon Kingaby tomb kings