Moving Forward: 40k, Fantasy & Warmahordes


So the BAO has come and gone.  I think I defended my reputation admirably going 4-1 with my good ol' Frostgorger tribe.  The big question is, "Now what?"



With my competitive Ogre Kingdoms army full painted, I'm now free to look at my other choices.  On the shelf, I have Wood Elves and Beastmen, both begging for attention.  I love a challenge and both of these armies are definitely on the lower-tier of army power, so it would be fun to try to be the underdog again.  Most likely, I'm thinking it might be time for some Wood Elf love.  I already own a sizable force, with tons of variety, so I think it would be a fun challenge to try every unit in the book and find out how to really make it shine in my own way.



I had already decided that 2013 was going to be my very own Year of Chaos, though with 2 months already gone, I feel like that the BAO really set me back, so now I'm going to say, that my year begins now and finishes at the 2014 Bay Area Open, where I'll (probably) be running Chaos Space Marines!  Now, what does that mean?  A majority of my 40k games (if not all) will be playing with a CSM primary detachment.  I will also be getting some daemon allies if they pay off and make the army better, my ultimate goal is to figure out the most competitive way to play CSM.



With a new faction on the horizon, I think I'll be giving Warmahordes another shot this year.  I've never been a huge fan of the minis, but the Convergence of Cyriss thankfully look very un-Warmahordes, meaning I really like them!  If all else fails, maybe I'll slap some paint on my Khador.