40k/Fantasy Terrain: How much is enough?


So I've decided that it's time to get a game board going in my apartment.  Since I live in a city, where apartments and storage are at a premium, I'm trying to determine just how much terrain to get.  Usually I play at my local game shop, but due to my busy schedule, it's harder and harder to coordinate a game on their dedicated game nights.

For 40k, I want to go with an urban nightmare.  Destroyed buildings, trenches and craters, think a lovely stroll through Stalingrad:

Wall of Martyrs 2x Imperial Sector Honoured Imperium Moonscape

I already have a head start on that with an Imperial Sector and the Wall of Martyrs.  That would in total give me 4 good sized buildings (doubling up the Imperial Sector so my ruins have more than 1 corner), 3 Trenches, 2 Gun Emplacements, a Bunker, 5 Craters and some fancy decorations.

For Fantasy, I am thinking an abandoned Empire town to the east, maybe on the edge of Sylvania.

Fortified Manor Deathknell Watch 4"x 6" Medieval Cottage by Armorcast 4" x 3" 2 Story House by Armorcast Arcane Ruins

That's a total of 4 buildings, 3 Fences, 3 Walls, and 3 sets of Arcane Architecture.

For General purpose, I'll be raiding some Woodland Scenics, and grabbing one of each of the GW hills.  The trees will be bare armatures, probably glued to heavy washers for weight on some felt as templates, it's far more economical than the GW solution and really not bad looking.  If I dont' like the look of the felt, I'll simply cut some masonite into odd shapes and put some sand on them.  The board itself is going to be grey with bits of dead grass and snow, which should serve as a base for either game system and the terrain will all be designed to match.  I'm tired of battles on spring fields and dewey meadows.

2x Gaming Hill 2x 5" to 7" Tree Armatures by Woodland Scenics

I guess my worry is that I have too much listed for Fantasy.  The  average game only uses 7 pieces, but because of the random chart it is hard to predict how much I will need.  I can probably also get some felt to make markers for things like marshes, quicksand and rivers.

So what do you think?  Is that shopping list too big, to small, or just right?