Modeling a Chaos Sorcerer on Bike

Over the weekend I had the chance to put a little more time into my fledgling Chaos Space Marine army.  I knew I wanted my army led by a Chaos Sorcerer on bike, as the trend these days seems to be.  After looking at the sorcerer models I had available, I didn't really see any of them looking that spectacular hacked off at the waist and glued onto some biker legs.  So I did what any long time veteran of the game would do... pillaged my bits box. To make my new commander, I found:

  1. Robed Ravenwing Biker legs and torso
  2. Chaos Possessed sword arm
  3. Chaos Possessed backpack
  4. Chaos Marine Tzeentch sergeant head
  5. Chaos Terminator Lord book
  6. Chaos Vehicle gargoyle heads

Overall, a pretty easy kit-bash that anyone could do.  I just need to add a spot of greenstuff where his right arm connects with the body and he'll be all set.