GameScrape, the 2nd - Steamroller 2012 Tournament Report


About a month ago we held another WarmaHordes Steamroller tournament at Gamescape in San Francisco. It was another 35 pointer, casual timing, with 14 players competing and this time there was a much more balanced Warmacine to Hordes representation ratio. Even more amazing was that all 11 factions were spontaneously represented among 14 players participating! Again, Ben Curly got 1st place, but this time playing his Blindwater Congregation (Gators), rather than the usual Khador. Dave Shiroma got 2nd place, playing his Trollbloods, though only using one list all day AND that list included a Mountain King, which at 35 points is no small feat. 3rd place went to Alex Kosma, whose Skorne were doing quite well until a very close game against Ben didn't go his way. So, unlike the first Gamescrape, Hordes made a excellent showing, winning the top 3 spots. Dave also wasn't the only one fielding a huge-based war noun. Both Beau and Dan were fielding their respective factions' colossals, the Storm Wall and the Conquest. There will definitely be more Gamescrapes in the near future, perhaps before the holidays bog down peoples schedules. Below are some pics with captions of the day's action.______________________________________________________________________________________________________

In the foreground Sameer's Legion (left) battles Max's Cryx (right) and in the background Beau's Cygnar take on Jordan's Mercs.

Beau's EStryker force (complete with Storm Wall) advances on Joshua's Ossyan force.

In the background Mark's Circle (left) go up against Lex's Protectorate (right) and in the fore Brian and Dan are initiating a Khador on Khador bloodbath.

Brian's PButcher list and it's accompanying Conquest start making short work of John Johnson's jack heavy Amon list.

Sameer's Legion (left) and Alex's Skorne (right) throw down.

Here's the last round, where Alex and Ben battled to see who'd be undefeated. Below you can see Molik Karn somehow made his way to Ben's warlock, Maelok, but didn't finish him off and Ben was able to out attrition Alex in the end.

Max's Terminus went in to kill Sameer's ARM 22 Carnivean, but failed and was killed by it the following turn.

John Johnson's Protectorate (left) start receiving fire from Jordan's Mercs (right).

Alex's warlock Naaresh and his Archidon double team Joshua's warcaster, Ossyan, for the assassination victory.

Max's Cryx close with Lex's Protectorate.

Here David's Mountain King attempts to flatten Brian's PButcher, but, as you can see on the card, comes up a point short. Unfortunately for Brian, the Butcher fails to finish the gargantuan off on his next turn, so the MK then pounds him into the ground.