Winning Combinations with Eldar and Dark Eldar


Well we are a few months into 6th edition now and some interesting combinations have come to light.  Thankfully there is nothing game breaking (for any army really), but there are ways to improve your forces or shore up weaknesses in your army.  Here's a look at some of the combinations I've been using for my Eldar  and Dark Eldar.

Combo #1: Annoyingly Hard to Kill Guardians

How?  Take Baron and 10 DE Warriors as an allied detachment.  205 points gets you an HQ and a unit to sit on an objective in cover and dish out poisoned shots.  Stick Baron with a large squad of Eldar Guardians with Conceal to give them a 4+ cover save in the open.  Keep Eldrad / Farseer nearby to cast Fortune and you have a very cheap, very annoying Guardian squad providing cover for the rest of your foot troops.  I've found this unit to be an excellent complement / bubblewrap unit for my Harlequin deathstar unit.

Combo #2: Hit and Run... With Wraithguard?

Yes, another Baron combination.  I've long been a fan of Wraithguard, but have had a hard time getting past their shortcomings in a competitive setting.  Either they get shot down too easily by missiles, get bogged down in combat, or get pwned by power fists.  Baron helps mitigate all three of these threats.  Once again, Stealth + Conceal + Fortune makes for a very durable unit.  A re-rollable 4+ cover save on a T6 model isn't easy to get through.  If they get bogged down in combat Baron can Hit and Run, allowing them to flip away to safety and get off a round of shooting before either jumping back in the fray, or letting some other Eldar brethren take the glory.  Finally, with the changes to assault, you can more easily put Powerfist attacks on Baron, relying on a re-rollable 2++ to save the day.

Another version of this tactic includes replacing the Wraithguard with Grotesques, and bringing Karandras/Fuegan over to give the unit some AP2.

Combo #3: Harlequin Squad of Death!

With the FAQ error, Harlequins have been one of the best units early in 6th edition.  You still have to roll to see them, they get a 4+ cover save in the open, or a 2+ cover save if they are actually in any cover.  Combined with Fortune they will rarely be an appealing target.  This trend has led people to create some pretty nasty Harlequin deathstar squads.  Frankie over at Frontline Gaming / Team Zero Comp placed fourth in the Golden Throne GT with an Eldar army featuring Eldrad, Fuegan, Vect and 10 Harlequins.  My own spin on this combination is to replace Fuegan with Maugen Ra, as I feel my Eldar army is lacking long range fire power in general (and I get enough AP2 wounds generated from rending).  Other combinations include Karandras for those AP2 Powerclaw attacks.  A cheaper option to Vect is to use a regular Archon or Succubus with Agonizer.

Combo #4: Add S6 to an Army that Relied Solely on S8 and Poisoned

When I would play newer players with my Dark Eldar, I'd tell them I only have two possible things I'm shooting; poison or lances.  That changes with Eldar allies as I am able to bring what Eldar do best and what Dark Eldar lack - mass S6 shots.  For right around 500 points I can get two War Walkers (Dual Scatter Lasers), two Vypers , two 3-man Jetbike units and a Farseer with Runes of Warding (some real psychic defense - no offense Lady Malys) and Guide or Doom.  This gives me some nice ammunition to better deal with low AV vehicles while keeping while keeping a very strong core of lances and poison.

That's all from my end, what winning combinations have you come up with for Eldar / Dark Eldar, or any other army for that matter?