Analyzing the Rumor Mill: Dark Eldar in 6th


So far, everything relating to 6th edition has been pure speculation.  But as we get closer to release date more and more rumors are coming through that seem to make sense.  I want to discuss the impact of some of these rumors on Dark Eldar. First up is Psychic Domination.

One of the many exciting features of Warhammer 40,000 is Psychic devastation, where Psykers wreak havoc on the battlefield. Psychic Powers is the complete set of Psychic cards, which be used in conjunction with Psychic Disciplines. They make a great accessory to your tabletop games.

This set contains 35 large-format cards and come stored in a plastic fan-opening case, which bears the Aquila. There are 7 cards for each Psychic Discipline, each of which is represented by distinct artwork. There is also an instruction leaflet that classifies which powers can be used by the main Psykers in the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

What does this mean for an army with absolutely no Psykers?  Will Dark Eldar be handicapped in the new 40k world?  Will Lady Malys become a mainstay in more lists (I'm thinking yes).


-Vehicles go the same distance in the movement phase (I believe 6" and fire everything regardless if fast or not) but in the shooting phase can make an extra move (apparently some kept forgetting what vehicles moved to fast to fire... -Vehicles cannot contest (unsure if scoring units in transports can)

If fast vehicles can't move fast and fire, it will surely be a sad day.  However if they can move 6", fire and move again it'll be like 3rd edition with the Eldar Crystal Targeting Matrix.  This rule is too unclear to really analyze

Now if vehicles can't contest, the strength of DE Mech builds (the majority of builds) will be diminished.  If units inside a vehicle can't score we are looking at a pretty big overhaul for Dark Eldar.

Shooting at Fast Vehicles:

-When you shoot you roll to hit depending on the speed of your target. Fast vehicles you always need a 6.

Maybe this mitigates the amount of movement a Fast Vehicle can do.  If it does, I'd almost say it's an even tradeoff.  15 missiles get shot at me and only 2.5 hit?  Yeah, that sounds pretty nice.

Feel No Pain:

-FNP drops to 5+ Save.

This is not a HUGE blow but it is a blow.  Wracks become instantly less survivable.  Same goes for Wyches with a Haemonculi.  In fact the whole Power from Pain rule becomes less potent with this.

New Kill Points:

-In kill point missions you get kill points based on what the units points cost, so for example a landraider would be worth 5 kill points & a unit of marines 3pts.

Finally something Dark Eldar players can get excited about!  Kill Points have long been the bane of Dark Eldar, but going back to the 2nd edition system of stacked Kill Points really makes sense.  Will this alone be a saving grace for the Dark Eldar in 6th?  I'm not sure it's enough to make up for the other stuff.


What do you guys think?  How will Dark Eldar, or your favorite army, fare in 6th edition based on these early rumors?