Winds of Magic: Lore of Light


The Lore of Light is a fantastic utility lore, which specializes in destroying the various Undead and Daemons of the Warhammer world.

Lore Attribute

The forces of Chaos and the Undead are extremely susceptible to the cleansing power of the Lore of Light, meaning that Daemons and Undead will suffer an extra D6 hits.  While this is a nice attribute to have, in those situations, it is unfortunately not something that can be really used in any sort of formal plan.

Signature Spell: Shem's Burning Gaze

This is a pretty bog standard magic missile, with one really awesome difference.  Instead of boosting for extra hits like Fireball, this spell can boost to get up to 48" and S6!  That's wounding most things in the game on 2's, and most monsters on 3's or 4's, in addition to having a -3 armour save.  The basic casting value is very cheap, though this boosted version is 3 times the casting value, so keep that in mind.

1. Pha's Protection

When you are facing a gun-line, having anything which disrupts the enemy shooting can be critical.  Pha's Protection is an augment that will make it so the enemy attacking that unit will have -1 to hit (ranged and melee), and if they're shooting non-BS weapons (i.e. cannons) at that target, they must roll a 4+.  This is a pretty standard level of protection, as there are multiple things which have this exact same effect, but the best part is, instead of buffing one unit, the wizard can boost the spell to protect all friendly units within 12", that's when it gets really nasty.  On top of that, if you have access to Lore Master, or the ability to pick your spells, you could stack this!  Nasty.

2. The Speed of Light

Another augment to add to the arsenal, The Speed of Light will grant your unit WS/I 10 for a full turn, pretty much meaning you're going first, hitting on 3's and likely being hit back on 5's.  It has a moderate casting value, which can still be easily reached by even a level 2, though like Pha's Protection, it can be boosted to affect all friendly units within 12".  If you combine the two spells, you could make it so your opponent needs 6's to hit you in melee, which could be very nasty.  Even though this spell is typically thought to be offensive, I honestly am really more excited about the prospect of the enemy hitting me on 5's most of the time.

3. Light of Battle

Like the two before it, Light of Battle is yet another augment, though it has a shorter range than the other two.  Basically, it automatically rallies the target, and the target will pass all LD tests for a turn.  Very importantly, this isn't the same as being immune to psych, or unbreakable, so a unit can still choose to flee as a charge result, and will automatically pass their rally tests.  It can be boosted just like the others to have a 12" area of effect, though with how high the casting value is, I'm not sure how often I'd do it.  Every lore has it's stinker, and if you're playing any unbreakable army, this is nearly pointless, Daemons however will automatically pass Instability tests, which could be very nice, should you need it.

4. Net of Amyntok

Finally a Hex, and a pretty nasty one at that.  Cast this nasty spell on a unit, and they will need to take a Strength test any time they want to move (even fleeing, overrunning, etc.), shoot, or cast spells, and if they fail, they are unable to perform the action and instead suffer D6 S4 hits.  It has a modest range, which can be boosted for not that much of an increase in casting value.  So why am I not excited about this?  When a unit is required to take a test, it is done so off of the highest value in the unit, according to the BRB, so if there is a S5 character in the unit, this spell will have little to no effect, so keep that in mind when you cast it.

5. Banishment

Now we're onto one of the more notorious spells in the lore.  Banishment is a fairly standard magic missile, which causes 2D6 hits, and can be boosted for range.  So what makes this so good?  Well, every wizard that knows Lore of Light spells within 12" will add +1 to the strength, meaning that if you take a level 4 and 2x level 1/2's, this spell will be causing 2D6 S6 hits, and additionally, successful ward saves taken against Banishment must be re-rolled.  There are some High Elves who run what they call a Coven of Light, which focuses on having many light wizards to stack Pha's Protection, as well as boost the crap out of this spell.

6. Birona's Timewarp

Last, we have my favorite spell in the lore, and it's another Augment.  This spell has a moderate casting value, and a fairly short range, but any unit affected gets +1A, doubles their movement, and gains Always Strikes First.  It can be boosted for a rather high casting value to affect all units within 12", just like the other augments, and when combined with The Speed of Light, it can turn a simple unit of troops, into a wrecking ball of destruction.  I like.

Lets do the Time Warp again!

The Lore of Light is pretty much a lore of augments, though it does have a couple very decent magic missiles and a hex which isn't half bad either.  Since the casting values of all the spells are fairly low, it's even safe to use this lore on low levels with good results, and hey, if you're going against Daemons or Undead, bonus!

Lore of Light is accessible to: Daemons of Chaos, High Elves, Lizardmen, The Empire, Tomb Kings and Vampire Counts.