The GameScrape - Steam Roller 2012 Tournament Report


This last Sunday, April 15th, we had a Steam Roller 2012 tournament at Gamescape in San Francisco, affectionately dubbed "the GameScrape." It was a standard 35 pointer except that casual time was used, making the turn length 10 minutes rather than 7 and the base round length 100 minutes rather than 70, though for the most part it was a non-issue as only two games that day went to dice down. With room for 16 people and expecting 14, 12 actually showed AND played (some just showed), but good times were had by all. While the overall winner of the tournament went undefeated, everyone else had at least one loss so the other standings were being determined right up until the end. Elliot Kaplan represented the Hordes minority, earning the 3rd place coin with his Trollbloods army and John Johnson took 2nd with his Protectorate of Menoth. Lastly, Ben Curly won the day with Khador, using only his EVlad list and completing the event as the only competitor to suffer no loses. Aside from coins for the top 3, other prizes included a $30 gift certificate for the person who was most fun to play against/the best sportsman, as well as two others awarded randomly to those who stuck it out until the end of the day. We intend to start having these be a more regular occurence (if not monthly then at least bi-monthly) so feel free to get in touch with the store to inquire when the next one's happening. Here are some pics of the action, described from left to right. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

In the background Beau's Mercs are going up against Mark's Skorne and up front Ben's Khador clashes with Alex's Retribution.

EVlad vs. Vyros

In the back we see John's Protectorate battling Jamar's Mercs and in the foreground Erik's Cryx duke it out with Bredan's Retribution.

PDeneghra vs. Rahn

Amon vs. Ashlynn

In the background we see Elliot's Trolls taking on Sameer's Legion and in the fore Joel's Protectorate are battling Owen's Skorne.

Harbinger vs. Naaresh

EDoomshaper vs. Fiona the Black

Elliot's Burrowers under Calandra's feat getting the fastest caster kill of the day on EThagrosh.

Ben's EVlad list bearing down on Bredan's Vyros list in the final round.