1,000 Point WH40k Death World Tournament Tomorrow


Well tomorrow is the monthly Warhammer 40k Escalation League Tournament at my local GW Battle Bunker.  This will be tournament #4 out of 7.  I'm currently sitting on 4th place overall and have won Best General the last two tournaments.  The league has moved back down to 1,000 points and two days before the tournament we were thrown a curve ball: the missions will be picked from Phil Kelly's Death World Missions (found in this months White Dwarf).  This doesn't give us much time to plan, but at least we did get SOME notice, and we are allowed to change lists from round to round to adjust to the changing Death Worlds! At first I was very hesitant to bring my Dark Eldar as none of the missions seem to be very kind to them.  I tinkered with various Grey Knight (gasp) and Footdar builds, but at the end of the day I really just wanted to bring something that was fully painted.  While I do have about 2k of Eldar painted it wasn't quite versatile enough to play all the missions, so I am left with Dark Eldar!

I'll go over my list and the results tomorrow, but here is a summary of each mission and the victory conditions.

The missions: Note - you roll on the given hazard table at the beginning of each player turn

Mission 1 - Search and Rescue - hazard - Indigenous hazards

Mission - D3+1 mobile objectives, placed per seize ground. Deployment is table halves, players alternate placing models, with all having to be more that 18" away from the enemy.  Only disembarked infantry can carry objectives.

Indigenous hazards - 1) Place a blast marker over an unengaged model wholly in area terrain. All models touched by the marker take a str 8 ap 3 hit. 2) All models inside or touching a selected piece of area terrain must pass an initiative test or take a str 4 ap- hit, if the terrain is woods, it is str 6 ap 5 instead. 3) All Psykers take d3 str 3 ap2 hits. yes every psyker on the table, take that grey knights. 4) All models inside or touching a selected piece of area terrain must pass an toughness test or take a str 1 ap3 hit, orks ignore this effect. 5) Pick a model wholly inside area terrain, it takes d6 str 5 ap- hits. 6) All models inside or touching a selected piece of area terrain take a str 2 ap- hit

Mission 2 - Breakthrough - hazard - Seismic hazards

Mission - Deployment per pitched battle, get as many units as possible in the enemy deployment zone, scoring units count as double. Leadership reduction of 1/2 turn number rounding up, fleeing units flee towards opponents table edge (i.e. Turn 5 is -3 to Ld).

Seismic hazards - 1) Pick an unengaged infantry model. It takes an initiative test, and if it fails is removed from play. If it fails, repeat until a test is passed. So, no necrons for this one. 2) D3 terrain pieces become dangerous 3) Pick an infantry unit in the open, every model must pass an initiative test or take a str 3 ap- hit. 4) Pick a deployment zone, all non vehicle units in it take a pinning test. 5) Pick an infantry unit in the open, roll a d6 for each model in it, for every roll of 4+, the model takes a str 4 ap5 hit. 6) Pick a spot on the table that is not terrain, all models within d6 inches take a str 2 ap 3 hit.

Mission 3 Weather the Storm - Hellscape hazards

Mission - Survive, at the end of the game add up your remaining kill points, and kill points taken, higher side wins. All units must use majority leadership, not nighest. On a 4+ every player turn, the model closest to the ceiling takes 2d6 str8 ap5 hits.

Hellscape Hazards - 1) choose a fleeing unit, it rallies (if only enemy units are fleeing, you have to pick one). 2) Center the blast marker over an enemy model and roll 2d6 scatter. Every model touched by the marker takes a str7 ap2 hit. Every model within 3" of the marker takes a str 3 ap- hit. 3) Pick an unengaged infantry unit, and roll a d6. On a 1-3 it becomes jump infantry for the turn, on a 4-6 it is placed in reserve and re-enters play via deep strike next turn. 4) All models entering play via deep strike are treated as landing in dangerous terrain. 5) Pick D3 non fearless units, they must take pinning tests. 6) result 2 happens D3+1 times, affecting a different unit each time.

What do you guys think of these missions?  Have you played them before?  Do you think they're good for tournament play or better left for "fun"?