My Ghorgon and Me!


Over the weekend I got to play a couple games with my Beastmen.  Since I have just finished assembling a pair of lovely Ghorgons, I figured I'd try out a list which focused on these hard hitting monsters.

Great Bray Shaman: Level 4, Lore of Shadows, Crown of Command Doombull: Heavy Armor, Shield, Brass Cleaver, Ramhorn helm, Gnarled Hide, Talisman of Endurance, Uncanny Senses

Gorebull: Heavy Armor, Shield, Standard of Discipline

49 Gors: Additional Hand Weapon, Full Command 25 Gors: Additional Hand Weapon, Full Command

6 Minotaurs: Great Weapons, Bloodkine with Blackened Plate, Standard Bearer 1 Razorgor

Ghorgon Ghorgon

Probably not the most effective list in the world, but it was a ton of fun.  The Doombull really is the doom of any infantry, as he often had 10-12 attacks at S6, plus the absurdly large number of great weapon attacks from the minotaur unit after they've won a combat or two against charge redirectors.

For me though, the list was really there to try and give the Ghorgon a testing ground, and all in all, I was impressed.  Combined with shadow magic, it's survivability in combat is very high, since my opponents often needed 6's to wound, and if I got miasma off, 5's to hit, while it was swinging back, hitting on 3/4's and wounding on 2's, then stomping them flat.  The few times my Ghorgon didn't win combat, it's Stubborn LD10 kept it in the fight until they lost their last wounds.

While the Ghorgon doesn't have any added survival from ranged attacks, specifically cannons, once it does get in combat, it is a monster to behold.  If you can keep it alive by using terrain, then you'll be in good shape, or if your opponent is one of the armies that are cannon free.