Tri-Mission List Building Strategy: First Thoughts


Hello!  It's been awhile since I have posted (or gamed for that matter), but I wanted to briefly touch on list building strategy in regards to the tri-mission system utilized by tournaments like the Bay Area Open.  This basic strategy focuses on winning one mission purely based on list design and putting yourself in a position to win or tie the other two. Win one mission, tie the other two. 

This can be most easily accomplished with a low KP army such as Draigowing.  Draigo, Libby, 10 Paladins, 10 Terminators.  4 KP's total.  You should never lose the KP mission, and with very resilient Troops you can be in a position to tie capture and control and seize ground.  Even if you end up losing seize ground to a mobile, high troop count army, the worst you will ever do is tie.  Being able to reliably win one mission puts you in a fantastic position to win the game (or at least not lose it).

Win two missions, lose one

I will probably be bringing my Dark Eldar to the table for the BAO.  Now, with such a high KP army I can assume that Kill Points will be a mission I will almost always lose.  It's just the nature of the beast.  With that in mind, I must be prepared to win the other two missions.  How can I accomplish this?  Most simply, I must take 6 Troop choices to give myself options for controlling objectives.  Fast (or Supersonic) vehicles come into play as well to contest objectives.   I feel this list building strategy puts you at a slight disadvantage to very low KP armies, but the tri-mission format allows a high KP list to compete to win in every game.

What does everyone think?  Would you go for winning one mission and tying the other two? Winning two? What about a list that competes in all three?