Giving in to Warmahordes


I have a strange relationship with non-GW miniature games, I've played just about everything that I've come across, Vor, Warzone, Void, Confrontation, Heavy Gear, Gear Krieg and the list goes on.  Unfortunately though, each one of these games has just ended up being a money pit, where I collect an army and the game dies, it is because of this that I have become very reluctant to start playing new games.  I've always stuck with the various GW games because they tend to have a much longer lifespan, even some of their specialist games like Necromunda took years to die down. Well, to quote the great Bob Dylan, times are a changin'.  With the assistance of a friend, well versed in the Warmahordes cult, I picked up 25 points of Skorne to get me started.  My biggest issue with Warmachine is that I really dislike the warjacks, aside from Retribution, all of them have roughly the same shapes and proportions, with maybe a small stylistic change such as giving it a skull head.  Hordes however I'm finding has a fantastic range of miniatures, and each faction is very clearly distinct from another, and of those factions, my favorite looking one was the group that tortures baby elephants.

After building my first Titan, I definitely have more respect for GW's Finecast, but fortunately, I don't have many more models to build before I'm done.  Keep an eye out for my progress on my Skorne army (warband?)!