The Triple Threat 40k Scenario


If you've been following the tournament scene in the US, or specifically northern California, you may have heard about the Bay Area Open.  This tournament, run by a guy that I've had the pleasure of hanging out with a few times, Reese, or Reecius as he's know on the internets, has quickly become one of the big events to go to.  I originally had the intention on going, but I just got a wedding invitation from a good friend, so unfortunately, I probably wont be going, but I believe Nick as well as a few other of the TDA crowd will be attending. Enough of my personal life, what I wanted to talk about today is the "Bay Area Open Scenario" for 40k, or the Triple Threat as I like to call it.  This scenario is played by following all three mission types simultaneously!  First you place the 3 Sieze Ground objectives, then a pair of Capture and Control objectives, and the whole time you're also fighting for Kill Points.  The objective is to complete more than your opponent, so if you have C&C and KP, then you win the game.  Sounds crazy huh?

I had the chance to play this scenario a couple times last Friday with my newly assembled Necron army vs Pete's Tyranids.  The first game was a humbling defeat, I was using a list which mostly consisted of what I happened to have assembled, with no real plan.  Our second game saw me using an approximation of my Tremor Staff list, which was just downright deadly against the Tyranids and the game resulted in a very hard fought tie.  Both games were very enjoyable and much more interesting compared to my experience with normal games of 40k.

The added complexity of keeping track of multiple objectives definitely made this scenario very fun and I definitely recommend it to anyone who is feeling 40k burnout, like myself.  I think if you were to switch to Victory Points over Kill Points you'd end up with an even more enjoyable game.  I'm looking forward to seeing the results of the BAO and to see how people enjoyed this scenario!