Dark Eldar for Escalation League


Starting in January, the Los Angeles Battle Bunker (of Westminster) is going to be hosting a monthly escalation league.  The scoring will feature battle points, sportsmanship, composition and painting, and will be tracked from month to month culminating in a final tournament in July. The first tournament is 1,000 points, which I feel can be a real sweet spot for Dark Eldar.  I can cram a fair amount of shooting and anti-infantry into a list.  Here is what I am thinking of taking:

List 1:

Haemonculi -50

4 Trueborn (4 Blasters) in Venom (SpC) - 173

9 Wyches (Hekatrix with Agonizer) in Raider (FF) - 190 5 Warriors (Blaster) in Venom (SpC) - 125 5 Warriors (Blaster) in Venom (SpC) - 125

Ravager (FF) - 115 Ravager (FF) - 115 Ravager - 105

List 2:

Haemonculi - 50

3 Trueborn (Blasters) in Venom (SpC) - 146 3 Trueborn (Blasters) in Venom (SpC) - 146

9 Wyches (Hekatrix with Agonizer) in Raider (FF) - 190 5 Wracks in Venom (SpC) - 115 5 Wracks in Venom (SpC) - 115

Ravager (FF) - 115 Ravager (FF) - 115

The main thing I need to keep in mind is that this tournament is at the GW Bunker.  The competition is friendly, so either one of this lists could be viewed as too powerful (and score low on comp).  The second list is slightly more comp friendly since it does not maximize any force organization slot.

Luckily, both these armies play very similarly.  I keep my distance softening up the enemy with Dark Lances, and move in at opportune times with the Trueborn and Wyches.  I think 3 Troops is enough for 1,000 points, but who knows what kind of missions the bunker is planning on using.