Tale of Many Gamers: Challenge #1

Hey everyone and welcome to the Tale of Many Gamers, Gamescape Edition!  A couple months ago, I decided to run my own painting league at my FLGS, Gamescape SF.  We have a dedicated crowd of WHFB players there, but not as many painted armies as we would like, so I thought that this would be a great way to get all the players involved in getting their armies painted and finished, maybe in the future host or go to some tournaments as well. I created my own monthly challenge and scoring method, so that I keep everyone interested, keep it fun and keep it fair.  Here was our first challenge:

Challenge #1 (~500 points) Sept 3rd - Nov 5th:
Task: Paint 2 core units and 1 Hero.
Extra credit: Write fluff or a short story about your army.
We had quite a few people show up, here is a list of our members and what armies they are painting:
  • Adam (me) - Ogre Kingdoms
  • Andy - Vampire Counts
  • Chip - High Elves (Lighter guys)
  • David - High Elves (Dark guys)
  • Eliot - Tomb Kings
  • Gaddy - Dwarfs
  • Alex - Warriors of Chaos
  • Nate - Dark Elves
  • Skylar - Daemons of Chaos (Nurgle)
  • Stewart - Skaven (Clan Volkn)
  • Peter - Orcs and Goblins
  • Ray - Orcs and Goblins
  • Tyler - Daemons of Chaos (Tzeentch/Khorne)
  • Will - Wood Elves
  • Will D. - Tomb Kings
  • Xavier - Skaven (Clan Skyre)
Most of our participants met the challenge and completed on time, those of us who could, got together on Saturday and played a Hero arena that I devised and had quite a blast, but ultimately, it was Chip's Reaver Bow toting Noble that won the day.
Here are the armies that were painted and present this weekend: