Ogre Kingdoms: The Frostgorger Tribe


High atop Mount Krug, the Frostgorger tribe makes their home.  Protected from invasion by other ogre tribes by miles of near vertical ascent, these mountain dwelling ogres have little to fear from other marauding warbands.  On these peaks, herds of Rhinox and Ice Mammoths graze on the sparse vegetation that grows.  Avalanches are common and the thunderous impact of Stonehorns grazing the cliff faces can be heard for miles.  Deep inside the regions many glacial caves, packs of savage Sabretusks and Mournfangs can be found feasting upon the bones of their prey.  These mountains are home to many deadly (albeit delicious) creatures, which the Frostgorger Tribe either hunts for food, or for use as beasts of burden.

The Frostgorger Hordes

Sigil of the Frostgorger Tribe

Their freezing cold, habitat means that fresh meat from smaller animals is quite scarce, so the Ogres must hunt larger animals who are more well suited for the high altitude and severe climate, due to this, Hunters are highly sought after and paid well in the tribe.  Compared to many tribes of the lower regions, the Frostgorger Tribe has a disproportionally large number of Stonehorns, Thundertusks, Sabretusks and Mournfangs.  In fact, it is a rare sight to see a Frostgorger alone without some sort of beast at its side, though if you do see this, it probably means a Sabretusk is about to kill you from some unseen quarter.

Krug Frostgorger

Tyrant of the Frostgorger tribe, Krug Frostgorger is a hulking monster of flesh and tendon, whose tolerance for cold has allowed him and him alone to scale to the rocky summit of Mount Krug and claim it as his own.  Any who wish to take the mountain from him are encouraged to schedule an appointment with Krug at the mountain's apex, to Krugs disappointment, none have survived to take advantage of his invitation.  Krug's natural resistance to cold has served him well on multiple occasions when he personally breaks a Thundertusk into submission, often eating the spheres of ice thrown at him and belching icicles back into the face of the ornery monster.

Tribal Dealing

With the large number of hunters in the tribe, and thus, the large number of beasts, the Frostgorgers have become accomplished herdsmen as well as dealers in exotic animals.  By selling off stock of Mournfangs or the occasional Stonehorn, the Forstgorgers are able to afford luxuries that many other tribes enjoy, and they have a specific affinity for cannons.  If you ask a Leadbelcher of the Frostgorgers why they love their cannons so much, they will ramble on about the noise it makes being akin to a Stonehorn beating down a boulder, or how they love causing avalanches on enemy tribes who dare try to ascend their mountain slopes, or pretty much any reason you could think of, down to the polished shiny metal bits that their particular cannon has.

It is all too common that a beast bought from the tribe will inevitably wander off from it's new owners at the first opportunity.  Not too long after seeing that their Mournfang is missing, they will once again go to trade with the Frostgorger tribe, often times seeing what appears to be their missing pet.  Quickly the Frostgorger will put the other ogres mind at ease as he explains that the Mournfang had a long lost twin brother.

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