Giving in to Necrons


Call me a band-wagoner, I don't care, something about the Necrons has struck a chord with me and I'm giving in to my new metallic overlords.  I've always been a huge fan of Xenos over any other army, and with the Necrons now on the shelf, there seems to be a very unique army that is unlike any other.  I had been considering Eldar/Deldar for a while, but the new Necron rules and miniatures have hooked me.  Now, that's not to sound like all of a sudden I'm joining the Wardian Cult, but I do have to say, from a strictly rules perspective, I think this is one of the most interesting books he's written. To begin my iron host, I'm going shopping at my FLGS, Gamescape SF, and picking up what I think will be a solid core to the army: 4x Immortals, 2x Command Barge, 1x Lychguard, on top of this, I've already assembled 5 Deathmarks (couldn't resist).  Using the extra Deathmark heads from the Immortals, I'm going to convert my Lychguard kit into 5 Crypteks (pics to follow), and this will get me close to 1000 points:

Anrakyr The Traveler: on Catacomb Command Barge: 245 Royal Court: 5x Harbingers of Destruction, Solar Pulse: 170

5 Deathmarks: 95

10 Immortals: Tesla Carbines: 170 10 Immortals: Tesla Carbines: 170

Annihilation Barge: 90

Total: 940

Since I still haven't nailed down my 1500/1750/1850/2000 lists yet, I decided to start by purchasing units that I have no doubt that I will use in every list.  Next up I'm considering a second Annihilation barge, some Lychguard, and possibly some Warriors in Ghost Ark.