Comikaze: Event Wrap-Up and Review


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The Comikaze event itself was absolutely great.  There were over 15,000 people there for Saturday and probably around 8,000 or so on Sunday.  We had a 3,000 square foot gaming area toward the end of the Convention that was surrounded by guardrail barriers.  This offered for some great people watching as the tournament was going on and put us right in the middle of the action.  The barrier was great as it let people get close enough to take loads of pictures, but not interfere with the games going on.  In addition to the hundreds of thousands of Comikaze spectators that stopped by to snap a few pictures of the action, Time Warner Cable was there and filmed a bit during my first game, and another gamer got interviewed by G4 TV and explained the hobby and the tournament.  Definitely a great way to get some mainstream exposure for the hobby.

The terrain was also fantastic and evenly distributed.  No tables were dramatically different from each other, and neither were table sides / quarters.  I believe Reece has said that they've been given the thumbs up to run 40k events there in the future so I can't wait for next year.

The tournament was five rounds and had 27 players.  There was a pretty even distribution of armies, but I think Orks were in the majority - with at least four players.  Imperial Guard took first place, followed by a Purifier GK army and rounded out by Space Wolves.

I was the only Dark Eldar in attendance which made my goal of being the best Dark Eldar player there an easy one to capture.   I went 2-2-1 for the tournament which was below my expectations, but the event in itself was so much fun that my record was secondary.  I definitely could have done better, but everyone can say that in hindsight in the 40k world.  All of my opponents were fun to play against, and I'd welcome a rematch anytime.  I hope to post some more in depth battle summaries later this week and next week, so watch out for those!