Painting Rusty Blades


Hey there, today I'm going to give you a simple step by step method for painting heavily rusted metal! I love doing this because it's fairly simple to do with a very dramatic effect. My Ogres are coming along nicely now and this is the technique I use for their weapons. Unfortunately I don't have my old big camera anymore, so I'm going to have to Photoshop you guys the tutorial. Step 1

 After base coating the weapon with Dark Flesh, use either a very well worn drybrush, or a stippling brush with a mixture of Dark Flesh and Blazing Orange and evenly dab the entire surface of the rusted area.

Step 2

Now, using the same brush, apply a bit of pure Blazing Orange towards the middle area of the weapon, focusing on the middle area.  After this, the area should look good and rusted.

Step 3

Now that we have the basic rust coat, it is time to make it look like it's still being used.  First step is to apply a bit of Charadon Granite, again with a stippling brush, along the worn areas of the metal (in this case, the edges).  This make it look like the blade was rusted, but used and with oxidized exposed metal.

Step 4

Last, we apply a little bit of chainmail unevenly along the very edge of the worn area, just to catch the light and make it look like it has been recently used.

And voila!  Now you have an ugly rusted weapon, add some blood to make it extra brutal and you're set!

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