Way of the Squiggalo - The Squiggening

So, as promised, I went out to the games store as soon as humanly possible and purchased m’self a Squiggal-er, Stonehorn/Thundertusk kit. It’s a big mother. Oh, is it big.

Being of the new generation of Games Workshop kits, assembly was a dream, if a slightly surreal one. Like the Hellpit Abomination before it - or some primordial Ikea product - the Stonehorn’s body is carefully assembled out of completely unrecognizable shapes of plastic that somehow come together in a way that forms the object pictured on the box. After that initial bout of confusion, it’s a piece of cake.

As an aside to anyone who is planning to or may become a Stonehorn owner, I highly suggest slapping the face on without the jaw or mantlepiece. What you get is a thing out of primeval nightmares.

So, voila! One Squiggalo, assembled and ready to have himself used a a lumbering weapon of greenskin warfare. Everything else, sadly, has to wait for bits to arrive from various resellers. I’ve got two varieites of howdahs coming in, plus a set of bare Ork torsos from Maxmini’s Kromlech line to make the Orks within. Check back next week for more updates!