The Dice Abide at GT's? 2012 Planning


Howdy.  This isn't so much an article as it is an open letter to my fellow TDA writers and to our readers. A little personal background; I've been playing 40k for quite a few years now.  I played in a number of local tournaments back in 2nd and 3rd edition, but didn't play the game at all during 4th edition and got started on 5th edition slowly.  I got back into playing "competitive" 40k about a year ago.  In that time I've played in half a dozen RTT's and two GT's; The Spure Posse Grand Prix and the Throne of Skulls.  After having such a blast at the Throne of Skulls this summer, I've really had a desire to branch out from my local GW scene and hit some bigger events in 2012.

Logistically, I know most of us here at TDA are California-based, so the Bay Area Open and Comikaze / Neoncon would be the easiest for us to have a presence at, but I think it would be great fun to make the trek out to one of these other events as well.  Obviously, it'd be very hard to hit up all of these tournaments, but maybe we can narrow down the list of five 2012 tournaments to two or three we'd like to try to attend.

My question for my fellow writers and readers, are any of you planning to attend major events in 2012?  Which ones?  Have you played in any of these tournaments in the past?  What recommendations would you make as far as which tournaments to attend?


November 5-6: Comikaze (run by Bay Area Open organizers) or Neoncon (Los Angeles or Las Vegas)


March: Bay Area Open (Antioch, CA)

April: Adepticon (Chicago, IL)

July: Wargamescon (Austin, TX)

August: NOVA Open (Washington DC)

October: Throne of Skulls (Memphis, TN)