Quick Painting: Iron Warriors now with less caution.


Here is a guide on how I paint Iron Warriors.  It is very simple and looks great when finished.  Also you might notice I do NOT paint caution stripes on my Iron Warriors.  I don't like them and think it is ridiculous to have them on there.  Its not a construction site and I don't want to warn people of the danger.  So here is a list of what you will need:

  • Black spray
  • Boltgun metal paint
  • Dwarf Bronze paint
  • Bleached bone paint
  • Mechrite red Foundation
  • Chaos Black Paint
  • Delvan mud wash

Step 1

Under coat model with black.  I use army painter black spray it goes on nice and thing and looks great.

Step 2

I then paint the model with Bolt gun metal.  It doesn't matter if you are messy you can clean up later.  I leave the shoulders horns tips of the backpack and weapons black.  I used a large brush to apply bolt gun metal.

Step 3

I paint the trim and details with Dwarf Bronze.  Here I use a standard brush.

Step 4

This is the step were I paint Bleached bone onto the horns and Mechrite red onto the spikes.

Step 5

Here is the clean up step.  I just go over the model and paint Chaos black onto areas I messed up with different colors.

Step 6

Now this is the best step and its the most fun.  DEVALN MUD!!!!  Use a healthy amount.  The more the better. NOTE: Let Devlan Mud fully dry before moving on, or you will have a mess.

Step 7

Here you paint the base and highlight the model.  I just did a quick dusting of bolt gun metal to lighten up the metal.

There you have it!  That's my quick and dirty (Devlan Muddy?) way to paint Iron Warriors.  Without the caution stripes I think they keep a more pure chaotic look, though I suppose you could add them, if you really wanted.