Warhammer Weekend! Guard v Tyranids & 3v3 Fantasy


For the first time in a while, I played both games of 40k and Fantasy in the same weekend!  Rather than writing out full battlereports, I thought I'd give an overview of my games and talk about some of the highlights, mostly due to this being a total afterthought, haha. This was my first game of 40k in a few months, I took my Velingrad IG army against my friend Pete's Tyranid swarm in Capture and Control with Battle Lines deployment.  My list was my usual Straken blob style army and Pete was trying out a new modification to his list, taking a larger unit of Genestealers, outflanking a Tervigon and squeezing in a unit of 3 Raveners.  The field was pretty visually interesting, as Pete set up the scenery to look like a ruined city, perfect for the theme of my army.  There were large LOS blocking buildings about 4" from each corner and another large building in the middle of the field, making some interesting problems for my large number of troops and tanks.  I wish that I could say that I won through my expertise and divine strategy, but alas, it was mostly won due to good luck, Sly Marbo and my willingness to try and kill my own men, allow me to elaborate:

  • Turn 1: the first thing I do is move my russes through the demolished building on my right, immediately losing one.  Not off to a good start.
  • Turn 2: Mostly uneventful for the guard, marching my right blob of troops up the flank towards the objective (thank you "Move! Move! Move!"), but then the 'Stealers and Tervigon come on my left flank, hiding behind the ruins, out of LOS of my guns.
  • Turn 3: Marbo pops up and decides he wants Genestealer for lunch, roasts 7 with his democharge.  The Tervigon spawns a dozen guants, who charge my lascannon toting Platoon Command Squad while the Genestealers hit the blob in front of them.  The Termagants wipe out my command squad and only consolidate 1".  They are all about 1" away from the combat going on.
  • Turn 4: never losing an opportunity to cause some havoc, my Manticore fires into the termagants, scattering onto the Genestealers in close combat with 2 blasts, annihilating 9 of them and 4 termagants, only leaving the Broodlord alive to fight my blob squad who was totally unscathed.  His Tervigon charged in to help out, in a combat that would grind on until the bottom of Turn 7, thanks to the Commissar.
  • Turn 5:  Not too eventful, most of both of our armies are locked in combat at this point, one blob vs the Broodlord and Tervigon while the other blob is engaged against 2 units of hive guard and a Tyranid Prime.  We roll and the game ends, Victory to the IG.
  • Turn 6 & 7: We decided to play it out, the blob on the left perpetually kept the Broodlord and Tervigon in check, down to the last man, but it wasn't enough to get either beast to my objective, while my blob on his objective survived the grind.

Overall, it was a pretty fun game, but I have to say, if it wasn't for Marbo killing 7 'Stealers, then my fortunate scatter with the Manticore, I'm sure it would have ended totally differently.

For WHFB I played a 3v3 game, each player controlling 1000 points, no lords, with my Ogres who I so dearly love.  I took a fairly simple loadout, a Bruiser, a unit of bulls, 4 mournfangs and a Stonehorn, my allies were using High Elves and Empire.  The High Elf list had a nasty Prince in a unit of Dragon Princes and my Empire friend was using a large block of Halberdiers, Knights, a Cannon, Helblaster and Lore of Life wizard.  Our opponents were Orcs with a big block of Black Orcs, High Elves with a massive block of Lothern Sea Guard and Tomb Kings with a good sized unit of Chariots and a Sphinx.  I don't remember this game in as much detail since it was full of friendly horseplay and smack-talking, but there were definitely some memorable moments.

  • Two Swordmasters charged into a building occupied by 40 Lothern Sea Guard with a Mage.  Their Double-Dragon fighting style proved to be too much for the lesser Sea Guard, who subsequently ran out of the building after having 4 of their kind cut down by the might Swordmasters.
  • A unit of 20 Night Goblins, releasing Fantatics, shooting arrows and stabbing dangly bits brought my Stonehorn down to a single wound, then held with Insane Courage.  Only later did the life mage heal the Stonehorn back to full wounds.
  • Feeling invigorated after recovering 5 wounds, the Stonehorn finishes off the Night Goblins, smashes through a Spear Chucka, then stampedes into the flank of a unit of 2x10 Swordmasters with BSB.
  • The last Night Goblin fanatic, sensing that the battle isn't going so well, decides he wants to kill some of his allied Swordmasters, while they're engaged with the Stonehorn.  The Fanatic flies through both units, bouncing off the rock hide of the Stonehorn and killing 6 Swordmasters.
  • In the subsequent round of combat, the Stonehorn kills 12 of the silly elves, not taking any wounds in return, and the two remaining standard bearers die under hoof.
It was a goofy game with some absurd luck on our side's behalf, and it also served to show why nobody has taught the Ogres the Lore of Life.