Conversion Corner: Iron Warriors warsmith(Counts as Abaddon the despoiler)

Here is my take on abaddon the despoiler.  I have been a long time Iron Warrior player and have never had a special character for my Legion.  So I made my own and the rules seem to work alright with the model I made.  Also the Abaddon is a bit dated.  So here is my take on Abaddon as a Warsmith.

A note on how I made this model.  The body is the Chaos terminator lord.  The base is Forge craft Water works with the Chaos lord step on top of it.  The Thunder hammer shaft is based from the Grey Knight terminator deamon hammer and the head of the hammer is a standard thunder hammer head.  The lightning claw is the chaos lord one shaved down and a Grey knight storm bolter placed on the back with an ammo feed from the Chaos marine heavy bolter.