Product Review: Blood Bowl Legendary Edition


It's not often that I really play video games, let alone review them, but this is definitely something worth mentioning. To talk about Bloodbowl Legendary Edition, first you have to talk about the board game.  Bloodbowl is a fantastic game of fantasy football, it doesn't take itself too seriously and it still holds together after a few beers.  The rules are simple enough to learn in one game and complex enough to produce an endless amount of entertainment.

So how does BB Legendary Edition hold up to the boardgame?  Amazingly.  There are two modes of play, Blitz and Classic.  I heavily prefer classic, as do my friends, though blitz has it's own charm.  Blitz mode is basically, Bloodbowl plus some more extra rules.  I don't think it's bad really, but I prefer classic mode, as that's the Bloodbowl I know and love.

Classic mode, I think is flawless.  It is a perfect translation of the rules of Bloodbowl in digital form.  The game plays exactly as you would expect it and it keeps track of all the silly things that you tend to forget about in the real game.  No more need to memorize every special rule, or how campaign advancement works, it is all taken care of for you.  The strategies you use in this game all translate perfectly to the board game and vice versa, except that you don't need to own all the minis necessarily.  I like this because it really lets me get a feel for my team before I get the actual minis to throw down.

Overall, I say that this game is a must buy, and I don't say that lightly, as I don't buy many games.  Anyone who has played Bloodbowl will instantly know how to play this game, and anyone interested in starting the board game should check this out for some practice games to get better than their friends.