Gaming For Fun: Team Tournament Idea


Hello again!  I wanted to write about an idea I had that a group of 4 friends can pull off on a lazy weekend or summer day. Format: A 3-game team tournament.  Point values per player should be between 1,000 and 1,500 points.  Every participant gets paired up once. Before the order of missions and deployment are rolled for, determine the teams for each round (this can be done randomly or arbitrarily).

Missions and Deployment: For game one, roll to randomly determine mission and deployment.  For game 2, roll again, but randomize between the missions and deployments not yet used.  This way every mission and deployment will be utilized once during the tournament.  Standard victory conditions apply for determining winners.

Winning:  The tournament winner is the individual who has the best team record after the event is finished.  In the event of a tie, the top 2 players can battle it out to determine the true champion!

So there you have it.  Perfect for an afternoon (or day) of fun gaming amongst friends.