Bay Area Open - Retrospective look on the Beastmen


Something I like to do after a game is to take a look at my list and figure out what worked and what didn't.  It is a little more difficult with this tournament due to the scenarios being a bit wacky, but I can still take a look from a combat perspective and reflect on my army's performance. Lords: Beastlord: Shield, Armour of Destiny, Sword of Battle, Crown of Command: 248 Great Bray Shaman: Level 4, Lore of Beasts, Jagged Dagger, Talisman of Preservation, Brass Cleaver: 320

I was pretty satisfied with my Beastlord's performance.  His job was to stay alive and provide stubborn to a unit so that they could function like a tar pit, in that capacity, he did very well.  The only drawback was that when I needed a killy combat lord, I didn't have one.  Grade: C+.

The Great Bray Shaman turned out to be my swiss army knife.  He was tough enough to kill with the Talisman of Preservation and the occasional Pann's Impenetrable Pelt, and was dishing out 5 attacks per turn in combat.  His S4 prevented him from dealing more damage, though when I was lucky enough to have Savage Beast of Horros, he became a monster, generating 15 tokens one game with his Jagged Dagger.  In the future, I'd consider putting him in my BSB unit for S5, though that would leave my Bestigors a bit low on the LD. Grade: A.

Heroes: Wargor (in gors): Battle Standard Bearer, The Beast Banner, Heavy Armor, Shield, Gnarled Hide: 206 Shaman (in gors): Level 2, Lore of Shadow, Chalice of Dark Rain, Additional Hand Weapon: 157 Shaman (in gors): Level 2, Lore of Shadow, Dispel Scroll, Additional Hand Weapon: 137

The BSB with a 2+ save, giving the whole unit +1S was unbelievably useful.  He usually had no problem surviving people allocating attacks on him and the unit striking back with 40x S4 attacks was no joke.  I don't think you could get a better Wargor BSB out of the Beastman book. Grade: A+.

The Shaman did their jobs, casting miasma or the S/T debuff.  I was completely happy with their performance, and I should be, as once you've debuffed an enemy, they're much easier for your Gors to take apart.  The Chalice of Dark Rain wasn't as useful as I'd hoped, since I only went against 1 army that had any range to speak of, but in that one game, it was wonderfully effective.  Grade B.

Core: 38 Gor Herd: Additional Hand Weapon, Standard, Musician, Foe-render: 329 38 Gor Herd: Additional Hand Weapon, Standard, Musician, Foe-render: 329 8 Ungor Raiders: musician: 51 1 Tuskgor Chariot: 80 1 Tuskgor Chariot: 80

My big block o' Gors were the mainstay of my army.  When buffed by a BSB, or Wildform, they were devastating.  I only lost a full block once in the whole tournament, so to that end, I'm quite happy with their damage potential and resilience, they were a great backbone of the army.  Grade B+.

The Ungors didn't kill a single model the whole tournament, yet still have a fond place in my heart (oh, Mr. Tumnas).  I was able to use them to divert a charge, but other than that, they really didn't do a thing.  Grade: D.

Tuskgor Chariots turned out to be more useful for diverting charges and protecting ranks than dealing damage.  I can't recall them being involved in a combat where their presence offered much if any assistance, but I definitely do remember a couple times it was handy having them on the flank to divert an enemy.  I may swap them out for more Razorgors in future lists.  Grade C-.

Special: 34 Bestigors: Full Command, Standard of Discipline: 453 1 Razorgor: 55 5 Harpies: 55

As my elite troops, the Bestigors never let me down.  When facing T4 enemies, or well armored ones, they never let me down, and against hordes of lesser troops, they cut them apart with ease.  Having them be autonomous with their GBS and LD9 (due to the banner), allowed me the flexibility to move them far away from the general without fear.  Grade: A.

Ah, the Razorgor, how I love thee.  This is my favorite unit in the army, a pig torpedo packing 4x S6 attacks on the charge.  He was a unit that can march 14", get in the way, divert the enemy, crush characters and in general be a royal pain in the butt, if I change my list in the future, it will only be to add more Razorgors.  Grade: A+.

The Harpies surprised me in this tournament.  They protected me from some sneaky chameleon skinks who thought it wise to sneak up on my flank.  Harpies also proved critical in my flank protection strategies, as well as controlling enemy units.  I would consider adding a second unit in the future, but will probably add more lovely Razorgor instead.  Grade B+.


In conclusion, if I do make changes to my list, they will probably be minor.  Pretty much every unit played their part acceptably and I feel that the list is quite refined as it is... though there is always room for another Razorgor.