Meta-Game Report: 1,850 40k Tournament at The Realm


This weekend I took part in an 1,850 RTT hosted by The Realm in Brea, CA.  Thanks again to Jon and co. for hosting.  A smaller turnout, but great competition as always.  Here's the standings and  local meta-game report: 1. Imperial Guard 2. Grey Knights 3. Mech BA 4. Orks 5. Dark Eldar 6. Jump BA 7. Space Marines 8. Chaos Space Marines

The missions are based off book missions with some twists.  Scoring was based on Battle Points, with 20 possible per round.  A massacred resulted in 17 points for the victor, 3 for the loser while minor victories carried 13 points for the winner and 7 points for the loser.

Mission 1:  Spearhead, 5 Objectives that scattered 2d6" prior to the game.  If they landed off the board or within 6" of another objective, they were removed from play.  In order to score a massacre you had to captured 2 more objectives than your opponent.  Bonus points were awarded for keeping your own HQ alive, and killing your opponents.

Mission 2: Pitched Battle, modified kill points in which HQ's were worth 3 points, Troops were worth 2, and everything else was worth 1.  You received a massacre by doubling your opponents KP's.  Bonus points were awarded for getting a scoring unit into your opponents deployment zone and having more total units alive at the end of the game.

Mission 3: Spearhead, 3 objectives - 1 in the middle, 1 in each table quarter not used for deployment.  Only way to achieve a massacre was to claim all 3 objectives or annihilate your opponent.  Bonus points were given for having units alive in table quarters without objectives.

I thought I snapped pics of everyone's army but when I checked  it seems I forgot to get a pic of the Ork army - a shame since those Battlewagons are truly intimidating!  Here are pics of the rest of the field:

A small sample size, but how does this stack up compared to your local gaming store?  It seems like Space Wolves are becoming less and less common (while GK become more and more popular).