Warmachine Battle Report - Cryx vs. Retribution - 35 pts


This report has Jamar's Cryx going up against Beau's Retribution in a 35 point game. Jamar's list:

  • PAsphyxious (Tier 3)
  • Slayer
  • Leviathan
  • Cankerworm
  • Deathripper x 2
  • Max. Mechanithralls
  • Necrosurgeon + Stitch Thralls
  • Bloat Thrall x 2
  • Necrotech x 3 +Scrap Thrall x 3

Beau's list:

  • Ravyn
  • Phoenix
  • Griffon
  • Max. Invictors + UA + Soulless Escort
  • Heavy Rifle Team
  • House Shyeel Artificer
  • Mage Hunter Assassin x 2
  • Arcanist x 2
  • Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios

Deployment: Aside from a couple of buildings and crates, the board was set up with custom trench works on either side of the board. They provided cover from either side and were considered rough terrain when going over. Jamar's list was Tier 3 Iron Lich Asphyxious, which allowed him to place wreck markers with amounts and sizes equal to that of his jacks (2 large, 3 medium) 20" from his board edge. Beau won the roll and opted to go first. Starting at the top of the pic, he deployed: Mage Hunter Assassin, Heavy Rifle Team, Phoenix, Arcanist, Eiryss (can't be seen behind the building), Artificer, Ravyn, Invictors, Griffon, Arcanist, Mage Hunter Assassin. From top to bottom, Jamar deployed: Scrap Thrall, Bloat Thrall, Death Ripper, Cankerworm, Necrosurgeon + Stitch Thralls, Leviathan, Necrotech, Asphyxious, Necrotech, Necrotech, Slayer, Deathripper, Bloat Thralls, Scrap Thrall, Scrap Thralls, with the Mech Thralls advanced deployed due to Asphyxious' tier 1 benefit.

Retribution turn 1: Ravyn cast Snipe on the Invictors, Vortex of Destruction on herself and Locomotion on the Phoenix for 2 (moving it 2") and advanced. The Arcanists advanced and gave a focus to each of the jacks, who then ran, along with pretty much everything else, some things farther than others.

Cryx turn 1: The Mechanithralls ran forward, followed by the Necrosurgeon and Stitch Thralls, the Necrosurgeon using a wreck for cover. A Necrotech advanced and made 3 more Scrap Thralls from a light wreck and 2 pre-existing Scrap Thralls ran up on top of the lower trenches (laying down, as they couldn't stand there without toppling), followed by the Deathrippers. The Leviathan was clearly out of range, but advanced and shot anyway. The other Necrotechs ran, as did the Slayer and Scrap Thrall by the upper trenches. The Bloat Thralls both advanced and fired, hoping for good scatters, but drifting wide. Lastly the Cankerworm advanced and Asphyxious ran behind the nearby building.

Retribution perspective.

A Cryx perspective.

Retribution turn 2: Ravyn upkept Snipe and VoD. First the Artificer fired a Magnoblast at a Mech Thrall, pulling a Mech and Stitch Thrall closer to it's target before killing it. The Rifle Team Shot a Mech Thrall and Eiryss advanced and tried to hit the Leviathan with a Disruptor bolt, but was just short. The Phoenix shot at a Mech Thrall, killing it as well as a Stitch Thrall in the AOE. Ravyn advanced and shot a Mech Thrall, followed by the Invictors who, through a mix of single shots and CRA's, took out all but 1 Mech Thrall, which the Griffon then destroyed. The Mage Hunter Assassin in the lower trench moved back to avoid dying to the Bloat Thrall and multiple Scrap Thralls and the MHA in the upper trenches advanced to the middle of the trench.

Cryx turn 2: the Leviathan got 3 focus and the Cankerworm got 2. All Scrap Thralls ran forward and the Leviathan shot the Phoenix twice, doing 17 damage.  The Slayer moved up beside it and Asphyxious moved up behind them, sitting on 2 focus. The Necrosurgeon now had lots of corpse tokens and no Mech Thralls to make, so she advanced and made another Stitch Thrall and the remaining two moved up to bother Eiryss and the Griffon. The Bloat Thrall by the lower trench shot at the clearly out of range Arcanist, but it drifted perfectly straight towards it, hitting it and 3 Invictors, but killing none of them. The other Bloat Thrall shot at Eiryss, missed due to stealth of course, but still hit the two of them, miraculously not killing the Stitch Thrall and only doing 1 point of damage to Eiryss. The Cankerworm charged the Griffon, doing 10 damage with the armor piercing bite and then moved back thanks to it's affinity with Asphyxious. A Necrotech made 1 Scrap Thrall from a large wreck marker and the others moved towards Asphyxious, along with one Deathripper, while the other moved into the lower trench. (the pile of markers in the lower trenhc are all the Necrosurgeons corpse tokens.)

Retribution turn 3: The Phoenix got 3 focus this turn. Ravyn advanced, feated and missed a shot at the Necrosurgeon. She then cast Locomotion on the Phoenix, moving it up 2" and sat on 1 focus. The Heavy Rifle Team shot at the neaby Bloat Thrall, but was a bit short. The Mage Hunter Assassins both ran varying distances towards the enemy. One Arcanist gave the Griffon a focus and the other gave the Phoenix +2 to melee damage rolls. The Invictors did their mini feat, shooting the Stitch Thralls engaging the Griffon and Eiryss, along with the Bloat Thrall by the lower trenches and 3 or 4 Scrap Thralls. The Griffon advanced to attack the Cankerworm, doing 9 damage and the Phoenix charged the Leviathan, missing with a couple swings, doing almost 3 columns worth of damage & setting it on fire, but crippling nothing. Lastly, Eiryss aimed and shot the Leviathan with a Disruptor bolt.

Cryx turn 3: The fire on the Leviathan didn't go out, doing 1 point of damage. The Cankerworm and the Deathripper in the trench each recieved 1 focus and Asphyxious kept the rest. Said Deathripper ran up, getting Ravyn in line of sight through a smallish gap. The Slayer advanced and attacked Phoneix with its initial attacks, doing decent damage. Asphyxious then advanced to engage the Phoenix, arcing a fully boosted Hellfire through the Deathripper, into Ravyn, doing 10 damage. He then feated (killing both Arcanists with the POW 5), and did another fully boosted Hellfire, which only did 4 damage, bringing Ravyn down to 2 health remaining. He then attacked the Phoenix for a bit of damage and Teleported away, followed by the other Deathripper. All 3 Nercotechs advanced and attempted to repair the Leviathan, but only 2 made the skill check, repairing 5 damage total. The Leviathan advanced and attacked the Phoenix with it's initial attack, finishing it off. The Cankerworm attacked the Griffon again, bringing it down to one point, at which point the Necrosurgeon charged and scrapped it. The remaining Bloat Thrall advanced and shot at Eiryss again, hitting her in with the blast, but still doing no damage. The Scrap Thrall by the upper trenches ran back to block the Mage Hunter Assassin's charge lane and the other one just ran up.

Retribution turn 4: Ravyn upkept Vortex of Destruction. The Heavy Rifle Team tried to shoot the Bloat Thrall, but rolled snake eyes. The MHA killed the Scrap Thrall blocking her way and the other one charged the Leviathan, but rolled a 9 on 4 damage dice, just enough to do no damage. Three Invictors advanced and shot the Bloat Thrall, doing 7 damage, leaving it with 1 remaining. The rest aimed and did small CRAs, doing 6 damage to the Leviathan and 2 points to the lead Deathripper. The Artificer charged said Deathripper, barely missing both attacks. Eiryss advanced and shot at Asphyxious, needing a 6, but rolling a 4. Lastly, Ravyn moved behind the Invictors, camping 5 focus.

Cryx turn 4: The fire went out on the Leviathan. The unengaged Deathripper recieved 2 focus, while the Leviathan recieved 3 and the Slayer 1. The Bloat Thrall shot at the upper Mage Hunter Assassin, but missed and scattered off. The Deathripper by the heavies charged Eiryss, boosted the attack roll, but missed. The Leviathan sat still and shot 2 of the 3 foward Invictors and the Slayer advanced and killed the third. The Cankerworm killed the other MHA, replicated the Griffon's shield, healed 5 damage and moved away into the trenches. All 3 Necrotechs tried to repair the Leviathan, two making their skill checks, but only repairing 1 point a piece. The Necrosurgeon advanced and made 3 more Stitch Thralls (gotta use them corpses) and the last Scrap Thrall ran forward. Lastly, the forward Deathripper missed the Artificer with a bite.

Retribution turn 5: Ravyn upkept nothing. First the Rifle Team finished off the Bloat Thrall. Then the remiaing Mage Hunter Assassin charged the Deathripper near Asphyxious, doing 20 damage (after Decapitation), just enough to take it out completely. The now unengaged Eiryss aimed and shot Asphyxious with a Disruptor bolt, doing 2 damage. The Artificer swung at the Deathripper and missed both attacks again. The Invictors advanced and did 4 two-man CRAs at the Slayer, doing pretty good damage, but taking nothing out. Lastly, Ravyn cast Veil of Mists in front of the Invictors, aimed and shot the Slayer, crippling both of it's arms and sitting on 2 focus.

Cryx turn 5: The Necrosurgeon and Stitch Thralls moved into melee with the Invictors, the NS failing to damage and the Deathripper bit the Artificer for 5 damage. Cankerworm moved up, ended its activation and moved up again, engaging more Invictors. The Slayer moved back and tried to hit Eiryss with the tusks, but missed. 2 Necrotechs walked over to the small wreck by the house (enagaging Eiryss) to attempt to make Scrap Thralls, but Jamar rolled way too high failing both checks, as did the third Necrotech on top of the large wreck marker. The Leviathan advanced to complete the wall to block Asphyxious, shot at the Rifle Team and missed. Lastly, Asphyxious maneuvered towards the house, trying not to get shot.

Retribution turn 6: Ravyn upkept nothing. The Mage Hunter Assassin charged the Slayer and took it out and the Rifle Team shot at the Necrotech standing on the large base (between the Leviathan and the crates), but missed. The Artificer hit with one fist, doing 6 damage to the Deathripper and taking out it's head weapon. The Invictors attacked in melee doing no damage to the now shield-wielding Cankerworm, but killed the Necrosurgeon in melee and 3 CRA'd the previously targeted Necrosurgeon and took it out. Ravyn cast Vortex of Destruction again and charged the Cankerworm, but missed and camped the rest of her focus. Eiryss walked out of combat with two Necrotechs, who missed with their free strikes, and shot Asphyxious again with a Disruptor bolt.

Cryx turn 6: In keeping with his incredibly high rolling (just at an inopportune time), Jamar failed to make Scrap Thralls with both Necrotechs again. The Leviathan walked up to Eiryss and attempted to crush her, needing a 10 (like the ones he was rolling on repair skill checks), but rolling a 9. The Deathripper tried to hit the Artificer (needing a 6 on 1d6), but missed and the Cankerworm killed an Invictor and moved to engage a bit more. Jamar, now thoroughly sick of Eiryss, charged her with Asphyxious, but missed.

Retribution turn 7: Eiryss moved out of combat and was missed by Asphyxious' freestrike, but killed by the Leviathan's, though not close enough to yield a soul. The Artificer went first, missing the Deathripper again. The Heavy Rifle Team shot at Asphyxious (who was behind cover) and missed. The Invictors advanced and hit Apshyxious with a 4 man CRA for 7 damage. Ravyn was ready to cast Eliminator on an Invictor in order to kill the Stitch Thralls, advance 4" and then charge Asphyxious, but figured why not send in the Mage Hunter Assassin first. She charged ol' Gaspy, passed her Terror check and hit him, doing 14 damage after Decapitation and ending it.

Aftermath: For the first half of the game the dice were hot for Jamar and not so hot for Beau, though luck reversed itself in the fifth round and though Jamar was still, technically rolling great (10+), he didn't want to be, considering his Necrotechs failed 5 consecutive repair/thrall making rolls, as seen below:

Though he wouldn't necessarily have won (though had a decent chance, as Ravyn was so damaged), those "bad" rolls probably resulted in his loss, as the POW 8 blasts from the created Scrap Thralls could have dealt with Eiryss and/or the looming Mage Hunter Assassin. In the end Jamar's consistent, sequential repair flubs were kind of funny and he was consoled by knowing that he lost by rolling too high.