Plog: Grey Knights Week 1

Greetings fellow warhams. I play in a series of team tournaments that take place every other month up in Sacremento called the Twin Linked Tournament series. You can find out more about it here: At the last tournament I brought my Imperial Fists and my Ravenwing and my friend and I got stomped so hard our opponents foots hurt afterwards (1-2 record, with our only win being very close our luck kept it from being a tie) so after that we decided to bring forces we were more comfortable with. He is a huge fan of Deathwing (sort of like the editor here at TDA) and so for our next outing on August 20th he will bring his angry Terminators. But with me only have my Imperial Fists and Ravenwing available I felt like it was time to put together something.

I actually had a beautifully painted Grey Knights army back when the Daemonhunters book was still new and fresh. But sadly those got sold years ago and so when the new book released I was interested. However at the time I didn't want to commit my full resources to a whole new army with my Dark Eldar and Tomb Kings still pending. But a 1000 pt force is the perfect opportunity to try out some new models without breaking the budget or your time allocation for painting. So with that justification I rounded up the new Grey Knights Army book and hammered out a very straightforward and easy to paint list.

Inquisitor Coteaz (100) Inquisitorial Henchmen (150)++Jokaero [4], Mystic Grey Knight Strike Squad [10] (250)++Nemesis Force Hammer, Psybolt Ammunition, Psycannon [2] Grey Knight Strike Squad [10] (250)++Nemesis Force Hammer, Psybolt Ammunition, Psycannon [2] Grey Knight Strike Squad [10] (250)++Nemesis Force Hammer, Psybolt Ammunition, Psycannon [2]

Consisting of only 35 models and complying with the strict comp standards of the tournament I felt it was a good way to field a complimentary force to my friends Deathwing while still letting me paint and convert a little bit. And so it begins.

Days 1-3

After receiving a slimmer pile than expected as the new packing is quite compact and no Jokaero were in my order I quickly got to work. I decided to start with a squad of five and do them five at a time. The first night as spent assembling them and preparing the basing. I did manage to get some of the armor done as well. The next two nights were spent getting my test model complete. I had to cut a few corners in order to get these guys done in time. The only thing unfinished on the test model is I am planning to drill out the storm bolter holes where the black dots currently reside.

For those hungry in color knowledge here is what I did. Note that all paints are GW unless listed otherwise.

  • Bronze Armor: Tin Bitz basecoat, then 75% Tin Bitz / 25% Dwarf Bronze, then a 50/50 mix of the same, followed by a highlight with Dwarf Bronze.
  • Red Trim: Mechite Red base coat, then 50% Mechite Red / 50% Skorne Red (P3) than Skorne Red (P3) followed by a highlight of Flat Red (Vallejo)
  • Slate Terrain Base: Armor Grey base coat (Reaper), then 50% Armor Grey (Reaper) and 50% Space Wolves Grey then by a highlight of Space Wolves Grey