Painting Beastmen in 3 steps!


The Bay Area Open is coming up, which means I need to crank out the last bits of my Beastman army.  I've already got 20 Bestigors, 40 Gor's and my Razorgor ready to go, all that leaves me with are 14 more Bestigors, 20 Gors, 6 Harpies, 2 chariots, and 4 characters to go.  Piece of cake! I took the opportunity while painting my Gors to take some pictures and give you an idea of how I plan on accomplishing this.

Step 1: Primer/Basecoat

Primer with Army Painter Fur  Brown.  Pretty straight forward, a nice solid coat of this red-orange color, very similar to GW's Vermin Brown.

Step 2: Block Coloring

I now hit all the main areas in order.  When you're done with this stage, the model looks pretty weird, since the colors don't seem to go well together, but no fear, we'll fix that up in Step 3.

  1. Fur and Hair- Scorched Brown
  2. Wood - Adeptus Battle Grey
  3. Metal - Boltgun Metal
  4. Cloth - Mechrite Red
  5. Horns, Teeth, Bones - Dheneb Stone
  6. Alt Bone - Iyanden Darksun
  7. Leather, cords, weapon wrapping - Snakebite Leather
  8. Belts, alt Leather - Chaos Black
  9. Alt Metal - Dwarf Bronze

Step 3: Wash it!

This is pretty straight forward, just a thick coat of Devlan Mud.  I hate to admit it, but this wash saves my life, just look at my IG army!

That all goes pretty quickly, especially when I'm working on 20 models at a time.  You'd be surprised how fast you can get the whole paint job done.  If I have time before the tournament, I'll go back over a lot of the model and highlight it back up using the base tones before the wash (the 4th model in the pic is after this stage).  The most important places to highlight are the metals (with Chainmail), the fabric (again with Mechrite Red) and the skin on the faces (GW Vermin Brown).

Here is what 10 Bestigors painted in this fashion look like all ranked up, only the command figures have been highlighted so far:

While writing this post, I found a wonderful article on the GW site of all places!  It shows what all the foundation paints look like when mixed with equal parts of other GW paints, quite useful, read about it here: Mixing Foundation Paints