Conversion Corner: Tau Battlesuit

For my Tau army I was really inspired by one of my favorite games, Heavy Gear.  I took a look at what makes the suit and what I could do to make it look a bit more rough.  First I redesigned the boots to make them more durable looking, no flimsy ankles here.  Also, I didn't like that their suits look like they had feet!  Just because humans have 5 toes (usually) doesn't mean if we invented a walker, it would have 5 toes as well.  After making it significantly taller, the arms looked a bit pathetic, so I sculpted a set of replacement arms, which I failed at casting in resin (it's not my specialty), so I will have to sculpt another set.  Holding the gun in his hand, similar to a Heavy Gear Hunter, I decided to give it the signature shoulder mounted missiles, which were "borrowed" from a Ravenwing sprue. There are lots of other odds and ends done to the model that are too numerous to mention, so just take a look!