Plog: Defenders of Velingrad, Imperial Guard

So I've decided to start working on the Valhallans I've been sitting on for 10 years...  To keep myself inspired, I'll start a project log for my Imperial Guard.  This first installment will show my test squad, a Tech Adept, Sly Marbo, and the next squad on the chopping block. My color scheme was inspired by the darker-than-factual uniforms in Enemy at the Gates.  In reality, the Soviet uniforms weren't quite that dark, but it make the models look much more dramatic.

My paint scheme is mostly around using foundation paints, with a couple other vallejo colors, followed by the famous Delvan Mud wash.  Normally, I am very against using washes in such a way, but with over 100 infantry to paint, I don't think I'll be spending the time blending all their shading and highlighting otherwise.