New adventures on the east coast!


Hey there, Chris here.  I have not been able to post due to my recent move from California to South Carolina.  The gaming community in California is not only very large but also very competitive.  I knew once I moved out here I might play less and have less competition.  Well that is not the case...  I soon discovered in my area which is Charlotte NC, there is a store called Games HQ.  I got there and 2 guys where playing Fantasy but I only had my Warhammer 40K orkz.  SO I waited till a guy showed up and we played a quick 1850 game gunline SM vs my Battlewagon orkz.  Needless to say it wasn't easy for me but really fun and I got to rep the Orkz with some good space marine  stompin!!

Also on a side note to all the gamers out there.  Dont have boxes and boxes of bits like I do.  I had about 3 large totes FULL of warhammer bits.  Then the large battlefoam case FULL of armies.  On top of all that a bunch of little boxes with armies bits and what nots.   The up side I did find some old books and armies.  Yes I found a FULL Ork and goblin army, my old 3rd ed Space Wolf army with 2nd rhinos.

Here are some pictures of stuff I found.


Here is a picture of when the tau frist came out under it is all my old Warhammer Fantasy army books.

This is The Citadel Journal with my beloved(or Hated) Genestealer Cult.

And I leave you with this a look at a future project...


So I will end my post on that note....