Dark Eldar Tactica Series


In the wake of the new releases for Dark Eldar, I figured now would be as good a time as any to introduce my Dark Eldar tactica series.  As Dark Eldar are my primary army, I hope to delve into a great number of tactical scenarios. The Codex is just over 6 months old, and what a learning experience it's been.  Patience is key with this fast moving army.   What started as an army I thought would be best at rushing up and getting in the opponents face, has developed into a "pick and pop" army that keeps its distance with deliberate movements until the time is right to strike.

This tatica series will contain a variety of articles, starting with:

  • Building an effective army list
  • The concepts of Attack, Support, Defend in the Dark Eldar army
  • Deployment and movement tactica
  • How to develop great synergy between units
  • Different strategies to achieve victory in standard missions
  • Strategies on how to deal with the current power builds in 40k

Additionally, I'd like to hear from readers to see what they'd like to read.  Army lists? Battle Reports? Strategies specific to situation / units?  Let me know and I'll try to accommodate.

Take it easy now, Dudes and Dudettes.