Dark Eldar: GW's Best Miniature Line?


Love them or hate them. Play them or play against them.

There's one thing just about everyone who plays 40k agrees about - the new Dark Eldar models are some of the best ever released by Games Workshop.  The models themselves are gorgeous.  But when combined with a skilled painter or converted and you have the makings of a truly brilliant army.

Many are flocking to this Xenos army both for their balanced Codex and brilliant models.  From my own personal experience, I haven't seen a high turnout rate at tournaments, but I expect that to change after the 3rd wave get released.  Many who have been waiting to start this army are beginning to acquire the necessary pieces.  I don't think it's bold to predict that the Dark Eldar revolution is just beginning.

I'd like to hear from some readers.  Are the Dark Eldar models the best line GW has ever released?  Are you planning to start a Dark Eldar army (or maybe you have one already?).