Conversion Corner: Tyranid Tervigon

After the response I received about my Medusa conversion, I've decided to do a weekly segment on the many conversions I tend to do! First up is probably one of my favorites (although, I'll probably end up saying that about them all), it is my Tyranid Tervigon!  I was really inspired by the shape of the Trygon, and thought it would look much nicer on all fours.  Originally I was considering having it pop out the termagants through more conventional means, but I figured it would look too reproductive.  Many people consider the Tervigon to be some sort of breeding beast, but I imagine it more as a host or Tyranid nanny.  The Tervigon swallows eggs, which then hatch inside of it and it spits them back up as needed, similar to some tropical fish, or a seahorse.

Anyhow, enough with biology, lets see the work!