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Hello and welcome to The Dice Abide!  The Dice Abide was formed by a group of gaming buddies as a means to share our experiences […]

Hello and welcome to The Dice Abide!  The Dice Abide was formed by a group of gaming buddies as a means to share our experiences and challenge ourselves to develop content others might find useful or entertaining.  We are a casual, yet competitive group and strongly feel that the two terms are not mutually exclusive.  We’re not hobby snobs, nor are we win-at-all-costs gamers, but have found that happy medium in between the two.

Sometimes its all about bringing out your toughest list, having a fun, hard fought game, and seeing who comes out victorious.  Other times it’s bringing out a fluffy army and seeing what you can do with it.  There’s no right or wrong way to play as long as you and your opponent have fun!

Team Abide:

Adam B

Started Playing: 1996 (White Dwarf #200 specifically)
Favorite 40k Army: Chaos Space Marines, lets face it, they’re THE bad guys of the future.
Favorite Fantasy Army: Ogres, because they are big, loud, smelly, and will smash you if you say otherwise.
Current Armies: Chaos Space Marines (23,000), Renegade and Heretics (3,500), Imperial Knights (3,500+), Carcharodons (3,500), Imperial Guard (6,500), Grey Knights (1,850)
Favorite Aspect of Hobby: Kit bashing and converting.


Nick Card a.k.a nickthewise & Hobby Sherpa

Started Playing: 1996
Favorite 40k Army:  Eldar have always been my favorite.  I was drawn to the models back in 2nd edition and haven’t deviated far from them since.
Favorite Fantasy Army: I’m a 40k snob.
Current Armies: Tyranids, Eldar, Dark Eldar, Harlequins
Favorite Aspect of Hobby: I enjoy the collecting aspect most.  I’m quite happy with my current Eldar / Dark Eldar collection (does 22,000 points qualify for a Craftworld??).  I also like the tournament aspect – both as a TO and attendee.

hobby sherpa avatar 3a

Nick's Tyranids

Obadiah Hampton

Favorite 40k Army: Sisters of Battle
Favorite Aspect of the Hobby: 
Painting and sculpting.


Pete a.k.a. Bugsculptor

Started Playing: Way back in 1988 I traded some of my lunch money for  an “Ork Boss with Bionik Arm and Custom Weapon 2” ( I’ve been hooked on the 40k universe ever since.
Favorite 40k Army: 
Favorite Fantasy Army: 
Warriors of Chaos (though I haven’t played fantasy since 2nd edition)
Other Games: 
Space Hulk (the best GW game ever…), Epic (Eldar), Blood Bowl (I lose with Orks)
Current Armies: 
Tyranids (I’ve got over 4000 pts of the great devourer painted up)
Favorite Aspect of the Hobby: 
Converting and sculpting huge Tyranid nightmares from space.


Chris Cole

Favorite 40k Army: Grey Knights

Other Contributors:


Started Playing: 1996
Favorite 40K Army: Tough call, but if desperation ever necessitated parting with armies, I’m pretty sure the Orks would be the last thing to go. So. Them.
Favorite Fantasy Army: Skaven, Skaven, Skaven!
Current Armies: Orks, Word Bearers and Aurora Chapter Space Marines are my current line-up, with the latter of them bringing along a few stragglers from other armies for Apocalypse fun. Skaven are my trusty Fantasy side-arm, and I aim to keep them there for some time.
Favorite Aspect of the Hobby: Modeling. Painting. Writing. Developing and playing narrative scenarios, campaigns and Apocalypse events. 40K comic strips. Pretty much anything but putting an army on the table and playing the game as provided.

Chris aka cgage00

Started Playing: 1996
Favorite 40k Army: Iron Warriors
Favorite Fantasy Army: It’s a tie between Orks and Goblins and Dwarfs.
Current Armies: Chaos Space Marines / Chaos Wolves, Tyranids, Grot Rebels (IG), Skaven, Dwarfs, Chaos, Orks and Goblins.
Favorite Aspect of Hobby: I love it all.  Modeling, painting, playing, hanging out with other gamers, and collecting.

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