Comikaze: Pictures from the Tabletop


Here’s a brief recap of the Comikaze event featuring the pictures I took during my five games there, enjoy!

My army:

Opponent 1: Jason Butler, DoA Blood Angels – Dawn of War, Annihilation

Dark Eldar deployment - not sure why I took first turn against a DoA list!

His stuff comes in - there's another unit behind the scenery on the far left

I shot down his Storm Raven blocking line of sight from my Venoms to his exposed assault squad!

Hey, didn't I have some Beasts somewhere around here?

Mop up time for BA!

Synopsis:  My opponent did a very good job capitalizing on my mistakes and utilizing his deep strikes to put threats all around me.  After the Storm Raven went down and my Venoms had to fire at FNP terminators, it was an uphill battle.  That was three turns in which I didn’t get to utilize my poisoned weaponry against an infantry based army, and it definitely hurt.  Jason was a very nice guy who made the trip down from the Bay Area.  He played the match-up well and deserved the win! 0-1

Opponent 2: Israel Del Rio, Purifiers & PsyDreads – Pitched Battle, Capture and Control

Deployment, hooooooo!

This is my turn 2 I believe. First turn I moved up and wrecked two PsyDreads with 3 Ravagers. On turn 2 I blew up a Rhino and wrecked another. His cover saves were abysmal.

Wyches get out to tie up his last PsyDread. An empty venom rushed into his deployment zone to keep his focus there instead of on my more important units.

That Dread is immobilized and has no arms (only a flesh wound)! The Wyches are gone but so are the Purifiers... Storm Raven getting ready to come on in.

13 Dark Lance shots later and the Storm Raven is still in position to contest and unload Terminators! The beasts do their best to slow it down but no luck!

Synopsis: Agh! No more pictures!  Bottom line is that if the game ended turn 5, my opponent would have crawled back from an early onslaught to tie the game.  That was impressive in itself and deserves applause.  However, the game went on to turn 6 and I took out his remaining scoring units and the Storm Raven.  Crowe was still standing tall at the end of it though. 1-1

Game 3: John M., Mech BA – Pitched Battle, Seize Ground

Only one picture here – I was tired and forgot.  I had favorable reserve rolls and was able to light up his transports early.  Venoms were put to use and took out the 5-man squads inside.  Fun and challenging game. 2-1

Getting ready to spring on some objectives...

Game 4: Josh Harris, Battlewagon Orks! – Spearhead, Annihilation

His awesome Battlewagons getting ready for battle!

Shit is about to go down! Can you see my error in deployment here? Hint, I'm not spread out!

His first volley dropped a Venom, killed the Wyches inside and shook another Venom. My first volley did nothing. Orks R better at shootingz!!!

This is better. He is down to one Battlewagon, but destroyed another Venom. He also declared his Waaaasgh! But my squishy stuff is out of range, right? Right???

Wrong! The shit has hit the fan ladies and gentlemen. Orks are just glaring at Dark Eldar and killing them.

Are you familiar with the term strategical retreat?

But sir, I can't get any further away!

Synopsis:  A very fun game and great opponent.  A well deserved victory for the Orks.  I misjudged the distance he could cover with a Waagh! and paid for it dearly.  It was hard to recover after that. 2-2

Game 5: Jason Green, MechDar – Pitched Battle, Seize Ground

What's going on here? Oh yeah. I went second and full reserve. So he turbo'd over to my side of the table to prevent me from coming in 12" and shooting. It's okay though, my troops turbo's 24" and I was able to get some pot shots off with a Ravager and Trueborn.

My beasts actually did something here! Immobilized and destroyed a Night Spinner then help take out some Fire Dragons ftw!

Wow skimmers vs skimmers and we are spread out all over the board.

Lots of skimmer still left at the end of it!

Synopsis:  This was a very even fight all the way through.  We both dealt out a fair amount of damage.  In the end it came down to 1 Fire Dragon contesting an objective to give him the tie.  The kicker is that my third and final Trueborn unit didn’t come in at all.  I rolled a 1 on Turn 4 and just plain forgot about them Turn 5.  A very painful lesson as I am sure an extra 12 shots and 4 Blasters would have been able to dispatch that last Dragon.  Oh well, my opponent was a nice guy, we had a fun game and we were both just playing for the middle of the pack anyway.

Overall I finished 2-2-1 and had a blast.  Having never been to a Con before, the ambiance of Comikaze was something new and a great experience.  Looking around while my opponent was moving or deploying and seeing people dressed in cosplay, or some dude dressed up as a Space Marine Scout was really pretty cool.

In the official Comikaze standings I am listed as finishing 20th, but was only given credit for 2 wins (and not the tie).  With the tie factored in I finished somewhere around 13-14.  The flub is nothing major since I wasn’t in the running for anything, but the guy’s have offered me 50% off my ticket for the Bay Area Open if I choose to attend.  Definitely a sign of good faith.  This event gets two thumbs up.

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